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alcohol; John Barleycorn [humor.] (alcoholic drinks) [listen] Alkohol {m} (alkoholische Getränke) [cook.] [listen]

to become addicted to alcohol dem Alkohol verfallen

to be on the bottle [Br.] [fig.] dem Alkohol zusprechen; gerne biberln [Ös.]

to be on the wag; to be on the wagon [coll.] keinen Alkohol trinken; Antialkoholiker sein

I don't take alcohol. Ich trinke keinen Alkohol.

moonlight [coll.] schwarzgebrannter Alkohol

ethyl alcohol; ethanol Alkohol {m}; Äthylalkohol {m}; Ethylalkohol {m} [chem.]; Ethanol {n}; Äthanol {n} [chem.]; Weingeist {m} [chem.] [listen]

absolute alcohol reiner Alkohol

tetrahydric alcohol vierwertiger Alkohol

pentahydric alcohol fünfwertiger Alkohol

wood ethanol Ethanol aus Holz

wheat ethanol Ethanol aus Weizen

rectified spirit; rectified alcohol; vinous alcohol; ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin Agraralkohol {m}; Ethylalkohol landwirtschaftlichen Ursprungs

alcohol halitosis; malodorous breath from alcohol Alkoholfahne {f}; Fahne {f} [ugs.] [listen]

His breath smells of booze/reeks of alcohol/smells like a brewery. Er hat eine Fahne.

alcohol dependent [med.]; alcoholic; alky [coll.]; alkie [coll.] Alkoholabhängiger {m} [med.]; Alkoholsüchtiger {m} [med.]; Trunksüchtiger {m} [med.]; Potator {m} [med.]; Alkoholiker {m}; Alki {m} [ugs.]

alcohol dependents; alcoholics; alkies Alkoholabhängige {pl}; Alkoholsüchtige {pl}; Trunksüchtige {pl}; Potatoren {pl}; Alkoholiker {pl}; Alkis {pl}

Alcoholics Anonymous /AA/ die anonymen Alkoholiker

dipsomaniac periodisch Trunksüchtiger [med.]

alcohol detoxification treatment; alcohol detox treatment; alcohol addiction treatment; alcohol detox rehab programme; alcohol addiction rehab programme Alkoholentziehungskur {f}; Entziehungskur {f}; Alkoholentgiftungskur {f}; Alkoholentzug {m} [ugs.]; Entzug {m} [ugs.]

alcohol detoxification treatments; alcohol detox treatments; alcohol addiction treatments; alcohol detox rehab programmes; alcohol addiction rehab programmes Alkoholentziehungskuren {pl}; Entziehungskuren {pl}; Alkoholentgiftungskuren {pl}

comprehensive alcohol detox treatment qualifizierte Entziehungskur

alcohol poisoning; alcohol intoxication Alkoholvergiftung {f}; Alkoholintoxikation {f} [med.]

alcohol poisonings; alcohol intoxications Alkoholvergiftungen {pl}; Alkoholintoxikationen {pl}

acute alcohol poisoning akute Alkoholvergiftung

alcohol dependence; alcohol dependency Alkoholabhängigkeit {f} [med.] [soc.]

alcohol dehydrogenase /ADH/ Alkoholdehydrogenase {f} /ADH/ [biochem.]

alcohol violation Alkoholdelikt {n}

alcohol violations Alkoholdelikte {pl}

alcohol withdrawal delirium Alkoholentzugsdelirium {n} [med.]

alcohol content; alcoholic content; alcohol strength Alkoholgehalt {m}

alcohol level Alkoholgehalt {m} (im Blut); Promille {f} [ugs.]

He had an alcohol level of 150 millilitres. Er hatte 1,5 Promille. [ugs.]

alcohol user Alkoholkonsument {m}

alcohol users Alkoholkonsumenten {pl}

alcohol meter Alkoholmesser {m}; Alkoholmeter {n}

alcohol meters Alkoholmesser {pl}; Alkoholmeter {pl}

alcohol oxidase Alkoholoxidase {f} [biochem.] (Enzym)

alcohol abuse prevention; alcohol prevention Alkoholprävention {f}

alcohol syndrome Alkoholsyndrom {n} [med.]

alcohol tax; tax on alcoholic drinks Getränkesteuer {f}

alcohol level (in the blood) Alkoholspiegel {m}

alcohol measuring technique Alkoholmesstechnik {f} [electr.] [techn.]

alcohol pump Alkoholpumpe {f} [mach.]

alcohol pumps Alkoholpumpen {pl}

alcohol spot Alkoholtupfer {m} [med.]

alcohol spots Alkoholtupfer {pl}

ban on alcohol; alcohol ban Alkoholverbot {n}

bans on alcohol; alcohol bans Alkoholverbote {pl}

to impose an alcohol ban ein Alkoholverbot verhängen

to lift the alcohol ban das Alkoholverbot aufheben

fetal alcohol syndrome Alkoholembryopathie {f} [med.]

consumption of alcohol; alcohol consumption (allgemeiner) Alkoholkonsum {m} [econ.]

(police) alcohol check; roadside alcohol check; sobriety checkpoint [Am.] (polizeiliche) Alkoholkontrolle {f}

alcohol checks; roadside alcohol checks; sobriety checkpoints Alkoholkontrollen {pl}

breath alcohol concentration Atemalkoholkonzentration {f}

blood alcohol; blood alcohol concentration /BAC/; level of alcohol in the blood Blutalkohol {m}; Blutalkoholgehalt {m}; Blutalkoholkonzentration {f} [med.]

blood-alcohol level Blutalkoholspiegel {m} [med.]

methylated spirit; methylated spirits; spirit; meths [Br.] [coll.]; meth [Am.] [coll.] (ethyl alcohol denatured with methanol) [listen] Brennspiritus {m}; denaturierter Spiritus {m}; Spiritus {m}; Sprit {m} [ugs.] [selten] [chem.]

cetyl alcohol; cetylic alcohol; ethal Cetylalkohol {m}; Cetanol {n} [chem.]

rubbing alcohol; surgical spirit Desinfektionsalkohol {m}; Wundalkohol {m} [med.]

dodecyl alcohol; lauryl alcohol Dodecyl-Alkohol {m} [chem.]

methyl alcohol; methanol; carbinol Methylalkohol {m}; Karbinol {n} [chem.]

blood-alcohol limit Promillegrenze {f}; Blutalkohollimit {f}

Irish jig; shakes; alcohol delirium; delirium tremens /DT/; enomania; methomania; methylmania Säuferwahnsinn {m}; Delirium tremens {n} [med.]

sinapic alcohol Sinapinalkohol {m} [chem.]

tobacco and alcohol amblyopia Tabak-Alkohol-Amblyopie {f} [med.]

drink-driving [Br.]; drunk driving [Am.]; drunken driving [Am.]; driving while intoxicated; driving under the influence of alcohol Trunkenheit {f} am Steuer; Fahren {n} unter Alkoholeinfluss; Fahren {n} in alkoholisiertem Zustand

RSA certificate (Responsible Service of Alcohol) [Austr.] Zulassungsbescheinigung {f} für Alkoholausschank

non-alcoholic; alcohol-free alkoholfrei; nichtalkoholisch {adj}

non-alcoholic beverages alkoholfreie Getränke; nichtalkoholische Getränke

alcohol-soluble alkohollöslich; in Alkohol löslich {adj} [chem.]

to be addicted to alcohol alkoholsüchtig sein {v}

to fuddle sb. [Br.] (thing, esp. alcohol) jdn. benebeln; jdn. dusselig machen {vt} (Sache, bes. Alkohol)

denatured alcohol vergällter Alkohol; denaturierter Alkohol [chem.]

butanol; butyl alcohol Butanol {n}; Butylalkohol {m} [chem.]

phenylethyl alcohol 2-Phenylethanol {n} [chem.]

phenylmethyl alcohol Phenylmethylalkohol {m} [chem.]

breathalyser; alcohol tester Alkoholtester {m} [techn.]

breathalysers; alcohol testers Alkoholtester {pl}

breath analyser for alcohol Atemalkoholtester {m} [electr.] [techn.]

breath analysers for alcohol Atemalkoholtester {pl}

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