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accelerator [listen] Beschleuniger {m}; Akzelerator {m}

accelerators Beschleuniger {pl}; Akzeleratoren {pl}

graphics accelerator board; graphics accelerator; video accelerator Beschleunigerkarte {f}; Grafikbeschleuniger {m} [comp.]

graphics accelerator boards; graphics accelerators; video accelerators Beschleunigerkarten {pl}; Grafikbeschleuniger {pl}

particle accelerator; accelerator [listen] Elementarteilchenbeschleuniger {m}; Teilchenbeschleuniger {m}; Beschleuniger {m}; Akzelerator {m} [phys.]

particle accelerators; accelerators Elementarteilchenbeschleuniger {pl}; Teilchenbeschleuniger {pl}; Beschleuniger {pl}; Akzeleratoren {pl}

accelerator pedal; accelerator; gas pedal [Am.]; gas [Am.] [coll.] [listen] [listen] Gaspedal {n}; Gas {n} [ugs.] [auto]

accelerator pedals; accelerators; gas pedals Gaspedale {pl}

to step on the gas [Am.] aufs Gas steigen

linear accelerator; linac Linearbeschleuniger {m} [phys.]

linear accelerators; linacs Linearbeschleuniger {pl}

first accelerator (cathode rays) Voranode {f}; Sauganode {f} (Kathodenstrahlen) [phys.]

first accelerators Voranoden {pl}; Sauganoden {pl}

vulcanization accelerator; vulcanisation accelerator [Br.] Vulkanisationsbeschleuniger {m}

vulcanization accelerators; vulcanisation accelerators Vulkanisationsbeschleuniger {pl}