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Lombard rate; central bank lending rate; rate for advances against collateral/on securities Lombardsatz {m} [fin.]

to raise the lombard rate den Lombardsatz anheben/erhöhen

to lower/reduce the lombard rate den Lombardsatz senken

The central bank's lending rate is higher than its discount rate. Der Lombardsatz ist höher als der Diskontsatz.

Lombard effect; Lombard reflex Lombard-Effekt {m}; Kneipeneffekt {m} [biol.]

lombard rate policy Lombardpolitik {f} [fin.]

collateral loan/credit; lombard loan; advance/loan against security [listen] Lombardkredit {m} [fin.]

collateral loans; lombard loans; advances/loans against security Lombardkredite {pl}

lending on collateral; lending against/on security Gewährung eines Lombardkredits

recourse to advances on security Inanspruchnahme eines Lombardkredits

to take advances against security einen Lombardkredit aufnehmen

It's Lombard Street to a China orange. [fig.] Da beißt die Maus keinen Faden ab. [übtr.]

refinancing; financing of financing; rediscounting Refinanzierung {f} [fin.]

recourse to the European Central Bank by rediscount or lombard loan Refinanzierung bei der Europäischen Zentralbank