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X-ray computed tomography /X-ray CT/; computed axial tomography /CAT/; computed tomography scanning; CT scanning; computed tomography /CT/; computer tomography /CT/ Schichtröntgen {n}; Computertomografie {f}; Computertomographie {f} /CT/ [med.]

single-photon emission computed tomography /SPECT/ Einzelphotonen-Emissionscomputertomographie {f}

positron-emission tomography /PET/ Positronen-Emissionstomographie {f}

cent /c, ct/ Cent {m} (Währung) [listen]

computer-assisted tomograph; CT scanner; computer tomography scanner Computertomograf {m}; Computertomograph {m} [med.]

computer-assisted tomographs; CT scanners; computer tomography scanners Computertomografen {pl}; Computertomographen {pl}

destruction of T11 consistent with osteoclastic activity in multiple myelmoma (CT report) Destruktion {f} von BWK11 im Sinne eines osteoclastischen Plasmozytombefalls (CT-Befund) [med.]

mixing artefact; mixing artifact (CT report) Durchmischungsartefakt {m}; Durchmischungsphänomen {n} (CT-Befund) [med.]

salt-and-pepper skull; pepperpot skull (CT report in hyperparathyroidism) Salz-und-Pfeffer-Schädel {m}; Salz-Pfeffer-Schädel {m} (CT-Befund bei Hyperparathyreoidismus) [med.]

raindrop skull (CT report in myelomatosis) Schrotschussschädel {m} (CT-Befund bei Myelomatose) [med.]

gantry (of a CT scanner) Untersuchungsportal {n} (eines Computertomographen) [med.]

unintentional respiratory motion (X-ray, CT) Veratmen {n} (Röntgen, CT) [med.]

posterior fragment(s) displaced into the spinal canal (CT report) dorsale Stempelbildung {f}; dorsaler Stempel {m} (CT-Befund) [med.]

blurred image/image blur(ring) caused by respiratory motion (X-ray, CT) veratmetes Bild {n} (Röntgen, CT) [med.]

Connecticut /CT/ (state of the US; capital: Hartford) Connecticut (US-Bundesstaat; Hauptstadt: Hartford) [geogr.]

time-temperature transformation diagram; TTT diagram (metallurgy) Zeit-Temperatur-Umwandlungsschaubild {n}; ZTU-Schaubild {n}; ZTU-Diagramm {n} (Metallurgie) [techn.]

isothermal transformation diagram; IT diagram ZTU-Schaubild für isotherme Umwandlung

continuous cooling transformation diagram; CT diagram ZTU-Schaubild für kontinuierliche Abkühlung