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nuclear energy; nuclear power; atomic energy; atomic power Atomenergie {f}; Atomkraft {f}; Kernenergie {f} [geh.]; Kernkraft {f} [geh.]

the peaceful uses of nuclear energy die friedliche Nutzung der Atomenergie

atomic-powered mit Kernkraft betrieben

atomic weapon; nuclear weapon; nuke [coll.] [listen] Atomwaffe {f}; A-Waffe {f}; Atomsprengkörper {m}; Kernwaffe {f}; Nuklearwaffe {f} [mil.]

atomic weapons; nuclear weapons; nukes Atomwaffen {pl}; A-Waffen {pl}; Atomsprengkörper {pl}; Kernwaffen {pl}; Nuklearwaffen {pl}

nuclear implosion weapon atomare Implosionswaffe

battlefield nuclear weapons atomare/nukleare Gefechtsfeldwaffen

operational nuclear weapons einsatzbereite Atomwaffen

mininuke Miniatomsprengkörper {m}

clean nuclear weapons saubere Atomwaffen

strategic nuclear weapons strategische Atomwaffen

tactical nuclear weapon; theatre nuclear weapon taktische Atomwaffe; taktischer Atomsprengkörper; taktische Kernwaffe

non-nuclear weapon states Staaten ohne Atomwaffen

atomic clock; atomic timing device Atomuhr {f}

atomic clocks; atomic timing devices Atomuhren {pl}

caesium (atomic) beam clock; caesium atomic clock; cesium atomic clock [Am.] Cäsium-Atomuhr {f}

rubidium (atomic) beam clock; rubidium atomic clock Rubidium-Atomuhr {f}

thallium (atomic) beam clock Thallium-Atomuhr {f}

hydrogen atomic clock Wasserstoff-Atomuhr {f}

atomic mass Atommasse {f} [phys.]

absolute atomic mass absolute Atommasse

atomic mass unit Einheit der Atommasse

atomic Atom...

atomic absorption Atomabsorption {f} [phys.]

atomic absorption spectrometry /AAS/ Atomabsorptionsspektrometrie {f}

atomic absorption spectroscopy /AAS/ Atomabsorptionsspektroskopie {f} [phys.] [chem.]

atomic arrangement Atomanordnung {f} [phys.]

atomic battery Atombatterie {f} [ugs.]

atomic batteries Atombatterien {pl}

atomic flash Atomblitz {m}

atomic flashes Atomblitze {pl}

atomic bomb dropping; atomic bombing; dropping of an atom bomb; atomic bomb release Atombombenabwurf {m} [mil.]

atomic bomb burst Atombombenexplosion {f}

atomic bomb bursts Atombombenexplosionen {pl}

atomic boobs [coll.] Atombusen {m} [ugs.]

Atomic Energy Commission /AEC/ Atomenergiekommission {f}

atomic scientist Atomforscher {m}; Atomforscherin {f}

atomic scientists Atomforscher {pl}; Atomforscherinnen {pl}

atomic research Atomforschung {f}

atomic research centre [Br.]; atomic research center [Am.] Atomforschungszentrum {n}

Atomic Energy Act Atomgesetz {n}

atomic weight Atomgewicht {n} [chem.]

atomic shell Atomhülle {f} [phys.]

atomic shells Atomhüllen {pl}

atomic nucleus; nucleus [listen] Atomkern {m} [phys.]

atomic nuclei; nuclei Atomkerne {pl}

atomic layer deposition Atomlagenabscheidung {f} [techn.] [chem.]

atomic physicist Atomphysiker {m}; Atomphysikerin {f}

atomic physicists Atomphysiker {pl}; Atomphysikerinnen {pl}

atomic time Atomzeit {f}

atomic age Atomzeitalter {n} [hist.]

atomic spacing Atomzwischenraum {m} [phys.]

atomic spacings Atomzwischenräume {pl}

atomic electron shell Elektronenhülle {f} des Atoms [phys.]

atomic number Kernladungszahl {f}; Ordnungszahl {f}; Atomnummer {f} [phys.]

atomic numbers Kernladungszahlen {pl}; Ordnungszahlen {pl}; Atomnummern {pl}

atomic; nuclear [listen] atomar {adj} [phys.]

atomic absorption spectrometry Atomabsorptionsspektroskopie {f} [chem.]

atomic emission spectrometry Atomemissionsspektrometrie {f} [chem.]

atomic absoption Atomabsorption {f} [phys.]

atomic space lattice Atomgitter {n} [phys.]

atomic absorption spectrometers Atomabsorptionsspektrometer {n} [techn.]

atomic spectrometry Atomspektrometrie {f} [techn.]

nuclear reactor; atomic reactor; atomic pile [dated] (nuclear engineering) Atomreaktor {m}; Kernreaktor {m}; Atommeiler {m} [veraltend] (Kerntechnik) [phys.]

nuclear reactors; atomic reactors; atomic piles Atomreaktoren {pl}; Kernreaktoren {pl}; Atommeiler {pl}

pressurized-water reactor /PWR/ Druckwasserreaktor {m} /DWR/

light-water reactor /LWR/ Leichtwasserreaktor {m} /LWR/

heavy-water reactor /HWR/; deuterium reactor Schwerwasserreaktor {m}

boiling-water reactor /BWR/; water-boiler reactor; boiling light-water moderated and cooled reactor Siedewasserreaktor {m} /SWR/

operating characteristics of a reactor Fahrweise eines Reaktors

to refuel a nuclear reactor einen Atomreaktor nachladen (die Brennelemente wechseln)

model of the atom; atomic model Atommodell {n} [chem.] [phys.]

models of the atom; atomic models Atommodelle {pl}

Rutherford atomic model; Rutherford's atomic model Rutherford'sches Atommodell

Sommerfeld atomic model; Sommerfeld's atomic model Sommerfeld'sches Atommodell

nuclear explosion; atomic explosion Atomexplosion {f}; Kernwaffenexplosion {f}; Kernexplosion {f}; Nuklearexplosion {f} [mil.]

nuclear explosions; atomic explosions Atomexplosionen {pl}; Kernwaffenexplosionen {pl}; Kernexplosionen {pl}; Nuklearexplosionen {pl}

peaceful nuclear explosions /PNE/ Atomexplosionen für friedliche Zwecke

nuclear power station; nuclear power plant; atomic power station/plant; nuclear opponents Kernkraftwerk {n}; Atomkraftwerk {n} [ugs.] [techn.]

nuclear power stations; nuclear power plants; atomic power stations/plants Kernkraftwerke {pl}; Atomkraftwerke {pl}

to decommission; to shut down a nuclear power plant ein Kernkraftwerk stilllegen

inter-atomic distance Atomabstand {m}

nuclear waste; atomic waste Atommüll {m}; nuklearer Abfall {m}; Nuklearabfall {m}; Atomabfall {m} [envir.]

Bohr postulates (for an atomic model) Bohr'sche Postulate {pl} (für ein Atommodell) [phys.]

entombment (of an atomic pile) (nuclear engineering) Einsargung {f} (eines Atommeilers) (Kerntechnik) [techn.]

European Atomic Energy Community /EURATOM/ Europäische Atomgemeinschaft {f} /Euratom/

isobar (nuclide having the same mass number as nuclides with different atomic numbers) Isobar {n} (Nuklid mit gleicher Massezahl wie Nuklide mit anderer Kernladungszahl) [phys.]

use of nuclear energy; use of atomic energy Kernenergienutzung {f}; Atomenergienutzung {f} [ugs.]

nuclear shell model; shell model; quasi-atomic model Kernschalenmodell {n} [phys.]

nuclear fission; atomic fission [coll.] Kernspaltung {f}; Fission {f} [phys.]; Atomspaltung {f} [ugs.]

(atomic) mass number; nuclear number; nucleon number Massezahl {f}; Massenzahl {f}; Nukleonenzahl {f} [phys.]

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