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Amazon Amazone {f}

Amazons Amazonen {pl}

Amazon river dolphin; Boto; Bufeo; Tonina; pink river dolphin Amazonas-Delfin {m}; Amazonas-Flussdelfin {m}; Boto; Inia; Bufeo; Tonina; Rosa-Delfin {m}; Rosa-Flussdelfin {m} (Inia geoffrensis) [zool.]

amazon sword (plant) Amazonas-Schwertpflanze {f} (Echinodorus spp.)

amazon parrots (zoological genus) Amazonenpapageien {pl} (Amazona) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

Amazon (river) Amazonas {m}; Amazonasstrom {m} (Fluss) [geogr.]

amazon tern Amazonasseeschwalbe {f} [ornith.]

amazon kingfisher Amazonasfischer {m} [ornith.]

black-billed amazon; black-billed parrot Rotspiegelamazone {f} (Amazona agilis) [ornith.]

white-fronted amazon; white-fronted parrot Weißstirnamazone {f} (Amazona albifrons) [ornith.]

orange-winged amazon; loro guaro Venezuela-Amazone {f} (Amazona amazonica) [ornith.]

red-necked amazon Blaukopfamazone {f} (Amazona arausiaca) [ornith.]

yellow-naped amazon; yellow-naped parrot Gelbnackenamazone {f} (Amazona auropalliata) [ornith.]

yellow-shouldered amazon; yellow-shouldered parrot Gelbschulteramazone {f} (Amazona barbadensis) [ornith.]

red-lored amazon; red-lored parrot Rotstirnamazone {f}; Gelbwangenamazone {f} (Amazona autumnalis) [ornith.]

red-tailed amazon; red-tailed parrot Rotschwanzamazone {f} (Amazona brasiliensis) [ornith.]

yellow-billed amazon; Jamaican amazon Jamaika-Amazone {f} (Amazona collaria) [ornith.]

blue-cheeked amazon; Dufresne's amazon Goldmaskenamazone {f}; Gelbmaskenamazone {f}; Dufresnesamazone {f} (Amazona dufresniana) [ornith.]

mealy amazon; mealy parrot Mülleramazone {f} (Amazona farinosa) [ornith.]

festive amazon; festive parrot Blaubartamazone {f} (Amazona festiva) [ornith.]

lilac-crowned amazon; lilac-crowned parrot Blaukappenamazone {f} (Amazona finschi) [ornith.]

St. Vincent amazon; St. Vincent parrot Königsamazone {f} (Amazona guildingii) [ornith.]

imperial amazon; Dominican amazon; August amazon; Sisserou Kaiseramazone {f}; Sisserou {f} (Amazona imperialis) [ornith.]

Cuban amazon; rose-throated parrot Kuba-Amazone {f} (Amazona leucocephala) [ornith.]

scaly-naped amazon; scaly-naped parrot Soldatenamazone {f} (Amazona mercenaria) [ornith.]

yellow-crowned amazon; yellow-crowned parrot Gelbscheitelamazone {f}; Surinam-Amazone {f} (Amazona ochrocephala) [ornith.]

yellow-headed amazon Gelbkopfamazone {f} (Amazona ochrocephala belizensis) [ornith.]

red-spectacled amazon Prachtamazone {f} (Amazona pretrei) [ornith.]

Tucumán amazon Tucumán-Amazone {f} (Amazona tucumana) [ornith.]

Hispaniolan amazon Blaukronenamazone {f} (Amazona ventralis) [ornith.]

blue-fronted amazon; turquoise-fronted amazon Blaustirnamazone {f}; Rotbugamazone {f}; Gelbflügelamazone {f} (Amazona aestiva) [ornith.]

vinaceous-breasted amazon Taubenhalsamazone {f} (Amazona vinacea) [ornith.]

red-crowned amazon; green-cheeked amazon; Mexican red-headed parrot Grünwangenamazone {f} (Amazona viridigenalis) [ornith.]

Puerto Rican amazon; iguaca Puerto-Rico-Amazone {f} (Amazona vittata) [ornith.]

yellow-lored amazon; Yucatan parrot Goldzügelamazone {f} (Amazona xantholora) [ornith.]

yellow-faced amazon; yellow-faced parrot Goldbauchamazone {f}; Gelbbauchamazone {f} (Amazona xanthops) [ornith.]

rusty-faced amazon; rusty-faced parrot DesMurs Zwergamazone {f} (Hapalopsittaca amazonina) [ornith.]

Fuertes's amazon; indigo-winged parrot Chapmans Zwergamazone {f} (Hapalopsittaca fuertesi) [ornith.]

red-browed amazon Rotscheitelamazone {f}; Granada-Amazone {f} (Amazona rhodocorytha) [ornith.]

white-faced amazon; white-cheeked amazon; Kawall's amazon/parrot Kawall-Amazone {f} (Amazona kawalli) [ornith.]
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