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Brennerarmaturengruppe {f} [mach.] burner valves and accessories station

Brennerarmaturengruppen {pl} burner valves and accessories stations

Baulänge {f} (Flascharmaturen usw.) face-to-face dimension (flange-type valves etc.)

Brennerarmaturen {pl} [mach.] burner valves and and accessories

Durchgangsform {f} von Ventilen [techn.] straight-way type of valves

Membranarmaturen {pl} diaphragm valves and fittings

elektropneumatische Ventile {f} [techn.] electro-pneumatic valves

Anfahrventile {pl} [techn.] starting valves

Abblaseabsperrventil {n} [techn.] pressurizer relief stop valve; relief isolation valve; turbine bypass valve; turbine by-pass blow-off valve

Abblaseabsperrventile {pl} pressurizer relief stop valves; relief isolation valves; turbine bypass valves; turbine by-pass blow-off valves

Abblaseregelventil {n} [techn.] blow-off control valve

Abblaseregelventile {pl} blow-off control valves

Abblaseschieber {m}; Abblaseventil {n} (Metallurgie) [techn.] blow-off valve (metallurgy)

Abblaseschieber {pl}; Abblaseventile {pl} blow-off valves

Abblaseschnellschlussventil {n}; Abblaseschnellschlußventil {n} [alt] [techn.] by-pass stop valve

Abblaseschnellschlussventile {pl}; Abblaseschnellschlußventile {pl} by-pass stop valves

Abblaseschubventil {n} [auto] diverter valve; air control valve

Abblaseschubventile {pl} diverter valves; air control valves

Abblaseventil {n}; Umluftventil {n} (des Abgasturboladers) [auto] turbo-relief valve; anti-surge valve; blow-off valve; bypass valve (of the exhaust gas turbocharger)

Abblaseventile {pl}; Umluftventile {pl} turbo-relief valves; anti-surge valves; blow-off valves; bypass valves

Abdampfventil {n} exhaust valve

Abdampfventile {pl} exhaust valves

Abfangschnellschlussventil {n} intercept stop valve

Abfangschnellschlussventile {pl} intercept stop valves

Abfangventil {f} (Turbine) [techn.] intercept valve (turbine)

Abfangventile {pl} intercept valves

Abgasrückführungsventil {n} [auto] exhaust gas regulation valve

Abgasrückführungsventile {pl} exhaust gas regulation valves

Ablassventil {n} [techn.] release valve

Ablassventile {pl} release valves

Ablaufregelventil {n} [techn.] discharge control valve

Ablaufregelventile {pl} discharge control valves

Abschlämmventil {n}; Schlammausblaseventil {n} (Dampfkessel) [techn.] blow-down valve; blowdown valve (steam boiler)

Abschlämmventile {pl}; Schlammausblaseventile {pl} blow-down valves; blowdown valves

Abschnittsventil {n}; Absperrventil {n} (zwischen Systemkomponenten oder nach außen) [techn.] isolating valve

Abschnittsventile {pl}; Absperrventile {pl} isolating valves

Absperrarmatur {f}; Absperrorgan {n} (in Rohrleitungen) [techn.] shut-off valve; shut-off element (in pipelines)

Absperrarmaturen {pl}; Absperrorgane {pl} shut-off valves; shut-off elements

(drehbare) Absperrklappe {f}; Drehklappe {f} (plattenförmiges Absperrorgan) [techn.] butterfly valve

Absperrklappen {pl} butterfly valves

Alarmventil {n} alarm valve

Alarmventile {pl} alarm valves

Anlassventil {n} [auto] starting valve; auxiliary valve

Anlassventile {pl} starting valves; auxiliary valves

Anschweißhahn {m} [techn.] weld-on valve

Anschweißhähne {pl} weld-on valves

Anzapfventil {n} [techn.] bleed valve; extraction valve

Anzapfventile {pl} bleed valves; extraction valves

Aortenklappe {f} [anat.] aortic valve

Aortenklappen {pl} aortic valves

Auffüllventil {n} [techn.] topping-off valve

Auffüllventile {pl} topping-off valves

Aufschraubventil {n} screw-on valve

Aufschraubventile {pl} screw-on valves

Ausblasventil {n}; Abschlammventil {n} [techn.] blow-off valve /BOV/; drain valve

Ausblasventile {pl}; Abschlammventile {pl} blow-off valves; drain valves

Auslassventil {n}; Ablassventil {n} [techn.] outlet valve; exhaust valve

Auslassventile {pl}; Ablassventile {pl} outlet valves; exhaust valves

Auslaufschnüffelventil {n} [techn.] outflow poppet valve

Auslaufschnüffelventile {pl} outflow poppet valves

Auslöseventil {n} trip valve

Auslöseventile {pl} trip valves

Auspuffventil {n}; Auslassventil {n} [auto] blow-off valve; exhaust valve

Auspuffventile {pl}; Auslassventile {pl} blow-off valves; exhaust valves

Belüftungsventil {n} venting valve

Belüftungsventile {pl} venting valves

Betriebsbremsventil {n} [techn.] service brake valve

Betriebsbremsventile {pl} service brake valves

Bodenventil {n} [auto] bottom valve

Bodenventile {pl} bottom valves

Brandschutzventil {n} fire protection valve

Brandschutzventile {pl} fire protection valves

Bremsbeschleunigungsventil {n} (Bahn) accelerator valve (railway)

Bremsbeschleunigungsventile {pl} accelerator valves

Bremsventil {n} [auto] brake valve

Bremsventile {pl} brake valves

Anhänger-Bremsventil {n} trailer brake valve

Brenngasventil {n} (Schweißen) fuel gas valve (welding)

Brenngasventile {pl} fuel gas valves

Dampfbefeuchterventil {n} steam humidifier valve

Dampfbefeuchterventile {pl} steam humidifier valves

Dampfprobeentnahmeventil {n} [mach.] steam sampling valve

Dampfprobeentnahmeventile {pl} steam sampling valves

Differenzdruckregelventil {n} [techn.] differential pressure control valve

Differenzdruckregelventile {pl} differential pressure control valves

Doppelsitz-Regelventil {n} [techn.] double-seat control valve

Doppelsitz-Regelventile {pl} double-seat control valves

Dosierventil {n}; Zumessventil {n} [techn.] metering valve

Dosierventile {pl}; Zumessventile {pl} metering valves

Dosierventil {n} (Vakuum) [techn.] variable leak valve

Dosierventile {pl} variable leak valves

Drehventil {n}; Zylinderventil {n} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] rotary valve (wind instrument)

Drehventile {pl}; Zylinderventile {pl} rotary valves

Drosselklappe {f}; Drosselventil {n}; Regelklappe {f} [auto] [techn.] throttle valve; throttling valve; butterfly valve

Drosselklappen {pl}; Drosselventile {pl}; Regelklappen {pl} throttle valves; throttling valves; butterfly valves

Abgasregelklappe {f} exhaust throttle valve

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