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Bereifung {f} [auto] tyre [Br.] / tire [Am.] equipment; tyres [Br.]; tires [Am.]

wellenförmige Reifenabnutzung {f} [auto] cupping of tyres [Br.]; cupping of tires [Am.]

reifenwechseln {vt}; Reifen wechseln [auto] to change the tyres [Br.] / tires [Am.]

Ackerschlepperfrontreifen {m} front wheel tractor tyre; tractor front tyre; front wheel tractor tire [Am.]; tractor front tire [Am.] (agricultural)

Ackerschlepperfrontreifen {pl} front wheel tractor tyres; tractor front tyres; front wheel tractor tires; tractor front tires

Ackerschlepperhinterradreifen {m} tractor rear tyre; tractor rear tire [Am.] (agricultural)

Ackerschlepperhinterradreifen {pl} tractor rear tyres; tractor rear tires

Ackerschlepperreifen {m} tractor tyre; tractor tire [Am.] (agricultural)

Ackerschlepperreifen {pl} tractor tyres; tractor tires

Ackerwagenreifen {m} agricultural trailer tyre; agricultural trailer tire [Am.]

Ackerwagenreifen {pl} agricultural trailer tyres; agricultural trailer tires

Allzweckreifen {m} [auto] all-purpose tyre; all-purpose tire [Am.]

Allzweckreifen {pl} all-purpose tyres; all-purpose tires

Altreifen {m} [auto] used tyre [Br.]/tire [Am.]; scrap tyre [Br.]/tire [Am.] [listen] [listen]

Altreifen {pl} used tyres/tires; scrap tyres/tires [listen] [listen]

Antriebsreifen {m} [auto] drive wheel tyre; drive wheel tire [Am.]

Antriebsreifen {pl} drive wheel tyres; drive wheel tires

Autoreifen {m}; Pkw-Reifen {m} [geh.] [auto] car tyre [Br.]; passenger car tyre [Br.]; automobile tire [Am.]; passenger car tire [Am.]

Autoreifen {pl}; Pkw-Reifen {pl} car tyres; passenger car tyres; automobile tires; passenger car tires

Ballonreifen {m} balloon tyre; balloon tire [Am.]

Ballonreifen {pl} balloon tyres; balloon tires

großer Ballonreifen doughnut tire [Am.] [slang]

Breitreifen {m} [auto] wide base tyre; wide base tire [Am.]

Breitreifen {pl} wide base tyres; wide base tires

Diagonalgürtelreifen {m} [auto] bias belted tyre; bias belted tire [Am.]

Diagonalgürtelreifen {pl} bias belted tyres; bias belted tires

Drahtkernreifen {m} straight-sided tyre; straight-sided tire [Am.]

Drahtkernreifen {pl} straight-sided tyres; straight-sided tires

Drahtreifen {m} wired-on tyre [Br.]; wired-on tire [Am.]

Drahtreifen {pl} wired-on tyres; wired-on tires

Erdbewegungsreifen {m}; Baggerreifen {m}; Radladerreifen {m} earthmover tyre; earthmover tire [Am.]

Erdbewegungsreifen {pl}; Baggerreifen {pl}; Radladerreifen {pl} earthmover tyres; earthmover tires

Erstausrüstungsreifen {m} original equipment tyre; original equipment tire [Am.]

Erstausrüstungsreifen {pl} original equipment tyres; original equipment tires

Fahrradreifen {m} bicycle tyre; cycle tyre; bicycle tire [Am.]; cycle tire [Am.]

Fahrradreifen {pl} bicycle tyres; cycle tyres; bicycle tires; cycle tires

Flugzeugreifen {m} [aviat.] aeroplane tyre; aircraft tyre; aircraft tire [Am.]

Flugzeugreifen {pl} aeroplane tyres; aircraft tyres; aircraft tires

Forstreifen {m}; Reifen {m} für Forstzwecke [auto] logging tyre; logging tire [Am.]

Forstreifen {pl} logging tyres; logging tires

Geländereifen {m} cross-country tyre; off-the-road tyre; cross-country tire [Am.]; off-road tire [Am.]

Geländereifen {pl} cross-country tyres; off-the-road tyres; cross-country tires; off-road tires

Haftreifen {m} traction tyre; traction tire [Am.]

Haftreifen {pl} traction tyres; traction tires

Hinterradreifen {m} rear tyre [Br.]; rear tire [Am.]

Hinterradreifen {pl} rear tyres; rear tires

Hochdruckreifen {m} high pressure tyre; high pressure tire [Am.]

Hochdruckreifen {pl} high pressure tyres; high pressure tires

Industriereifen {m} industrial tyre [Br.]; industrial tire [Am.]

Industriereifen {pl} industrial tyres; industrial tires

Kordreifen {m}; Cordreifen {m} [auto] cord tyre [Br.]; cord tire [Am.]

Kordreifen {pl}; Cordreifen {pl} cord tyres; cord tires

Landwirtschaftsreifen {m} [agr.] agricultural tyre; farm tyre; agricultural tire [Am.]; farm tire [Am.]

Landwirtschaftsreifen {pl} agricultural tyres; farm tyres; agricultural tires; farm tires

Lkw-Reifen {m}; Lastwagenreifen {m} truck tyre; truck tire [Am.]

Lkw-Reifen {pl}; Lastwagenreifen {pl} truck tyres; truck tires

Leicht-Lkw-Reifen {m}; Lkw-Reifen {m} light commercial (truck) tyre/tire

Leicht-Lkw-Reifen {pl}; Lkw-Reifen {pl} light commercial tyres/tires

Luftbereifung {f} pneumatic tyre; pneumatic tire [Am.]

Luftbereifungen {pl} pneumatic tyres; pneumatic tires

Luftreifen {m} air tyre; pneumatic tyre (tire [Am.])

Luftreifen {pl} pneumatics; pneumatic tyres/tires

Mopedreifen {m} moped tyre; mode tire [Am.]

Mopedreifen {pl} moped tyres; mode tires

Motorradreifen {m} motorcycle tyre; motorcycle tire [Am.]

Motorradreifen {pl} motorcycle tyres; motorcycle tires

Motorrollerreifen {m} motor scooter tyre; motor scooter tire [Am.]

Motorrollerreifen {pl} motor scooter tyres; motor scooter tires

Niederdruckreifen {m} low pressure tyre; low pressure tire [Am.]

Niederdruckreifen {pl} low pressure tyres; low pressure tires

Niederquerschnittsreifen {m} low profile tyre; low section tyre; low profile tire [Am.]; low section tire [Am.]

Niederquerschnittsreifen {pl} low profile tyres; low section tyres; low profile tires; low section tires

Nutzfahrzeugreifen {m} commercial vehicle tyre; commercial vehicle tire [Am.]

Nutzfahrzeugreifen {pl} commercial vehicle tyres; commercial vehicle tires

Profilreifen {m} grooved tyre; grooved tire [Am.]

Profilreifen {pl} grooved tyres; grooved tires

Prüfstand {m}; Prüfplatz {m}; Versuchsstand {m}; Prüfraum {m} [techn.] testing/test stand; testing/test station; testing/test bed; testing/test bay; testing/test bench; testing/test rig; testing/test room [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen]

Prüfstände {pl}; Prüfplätze {pl}; Versuchsstände {pl}; Prüfräume {pl} testing/test stands; testing/test stations; testing/test beds; testing/test bays; testing/test benches; testing/test rigs; testing/test rooms [listen]

computergestützter Leistungsprüfstand {m} computer-controlled performance test station

Drehmomentprüfstand {m} torque stand; torque bed; torque room

Einzylinder-Prüfstand {m} single cylinder test station

Reifenprüfstand {m} tyre test stand [Br.]; tire test stand [Am.]; test rig for tyres [Br.] / tires [Am.]

Schwingungsprüfstand {m} vibration test stand; vibration testing rig

Ventilatorprüfstand {m} ventilator testing stand; ventilator test stand; ventilator test rig

Radialreifen {m}; Gürtelreifen {m} radial-ply tyre; radila tyre; radial-ply tire; radial tire [Am.]

Radialreifen {pl}; Gürtelreifen {pl} radial-ply tyres; radila tyres; radial-ply tires; radial tires

Reifen {m} [auto] [listen] tyre [Br.]; tire [Am.] [listen] [listen]

Reifen {pl} [listen] tyres; tires

Ganzjahresreifen {m} all-season tyre/tire; all-weather tyre/tire

Leichtlaufreifen {m}; Reifen mit geringem Rollwiderstand; grüner Reifen [ugs.] low-rolling-resistance tyre; green tyre [coll.]

Stollenreifen {m} cleated tyre [Br.]; cleated tire [Am.]

platter Reifen flat tyre; flat [listen]

abgefahrener Reifen bald tyre; smooth tyre; worn tyre

mit quietschenden Reifen with screeching/squealing tyres

abgewerteter Reifen downgraded tyre

feinprofilierter Reifen siped tyre

gewachsener Reifen grown tyre

M+S-Reifen; Matsch- und Schneereifen mud and snow tyre (M+S)

nachgeschnittener Reifen recut tyre; regrooved tyre

nachschneidbarer Reifen regroovable tyre

profilloser Reifen; Reifen ohne Profil plain tread tyre; plain tyre; slick tyre

profilloser Reifen smooth tread tyre (slick)

runderneuerter Reifen remoulded tyre; remould; retread tyre; retread; recapped tire [Am.]; recap [Am.]

schlauchloser Reifen tubeless tyre

unvulkanisierter Reifen green tyre; uncured cover

verschleißfester Reifen mileage account tyre/tire

verstärkter Reifen extra ply tire [Am.]; reinforced tyre

Reifen einer Eigenmarke own-brand tyre [Br.]; private brand tire [Am.]

Belastung pro Reifen load per tyre

Reifen mit Notlaufeigenschaften run-flat tyre; run-on-flat tyre

Reifen mit zu hohem Luftdruck overinflated tyre

Reifen für landwirtschaftliche Geräte implement tyre

maximale Betriebsmaße {f} (Reifen) maximum tyre dimensions in service

maximaler Betriebsdurchmesser (Reifen) maximum overall tyre; diameter in service

einen Reifen (auf die Felge) aufziehen to mount a tyre; to fit a tyre (on the rim)

einen Reifen zerstechen; aufstechen to puncture a tyre

abgefahrene Reifen runderneuern to retread; to recap [Am.] worn tyres

Ich hab Ganzjahresreifen drauf. I have all-weathers on my car.

Rennreifen {m} racing tyre; racing tire [Am.]

Rennreifen {pl} racing tyres; racing tires

Reservereifen {m}; Ersatzreifen {m} [auto] spare tyre [Br.]/tire [Am.]

Reservereifen {pl}; Ersatzreifen {pl} spare tyres/tires

aufblasbarer Reservereifen inflatable spare tyre/tire

gefaltener Ersatzreifen folded spare tyre/tire

Rollerreifen {m} scooter tyre; scooter tire [Am.]

Rollerreifen {pl} scooter tyres; scooter tires

Schubkarrenreifen {m} wheelbarrow tyre; wheelbarrow tire [Am.]

Schubkarrenreifen {pl} wheelbarrow tyres; wheelbarrow tires

Schwarzwandreifen {m} black wall tyre; black wall tire [Am.]

Schwarzwandreifen {pl} black wall tyres; black wall tires

Sicherheitsreifen {m} safety tyre; safety tire [Am.]

Sicherheitsreifen {pl} safety tyres; safety tires

Sommerreifen {m} standard tyre; summer tyre; summer tire [Am.]; normal tyre

Sommerreifen {pl} standard tyres; summer tyres; summer tires; normal tyres

Spikereifen {m}; Spikesreifen {m} spiked tyre; studded tyre; spiked tire [Am.]; studded tire [Am.]

Spikereifen {pl}; Spikesreifen {pl} spiked tyres; studded tyres; spiked tires; studded tires

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