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9 results for sifters
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Pfefferstreuer {m} [cook.] pepper caster; pepper pot [Br.]; pepper sifter [Br.]; pepper shaker [Am.]

Pfefferstreuer {pl} pepper casters; pepper pots; pepper sifters; pepper shakers

Plansichter {m} (Mühle) plan sifting machine; plansifter; flat sifter (mill)

Plansichter {pl} plan sifting machines; plansifters; flat sifters

(grobes) Rüttelsieb {n}; Schüttelsieb {n}; Rättersieb {n}; Rätter {m}; Durchwurfsieb {n}; Durchwurfgitter {n} (für Erde/Sand) [agr.] [constr.] shaking screen; riddle screen; riddle sieve; riddle sifter [Am.]; riddler (for earth or sand)

Rüttelsiebe {pl}; Schüttelsiebe {pl}; Rättersiebe {pl}; Rätter {pl}; Durchwurfsiebe {pl}; Durchwurfgitter {pl} shaking screens; riddle screens; riddle sieves; riddle sifters; riddlers

Erzwäschesieb {n} [min.] shaking screen for ore

Rüttelsieb mit Rücklaufrinne riddle sifter with return chute

Salzstreuer {m} [cook.] salt sifter [Br.]; salt shaker [Am.]

Salzstreuer {pl} salt sifters; salt shakers

Sieb {n} [listen] sieve; sifter [Am.] [listen]

Siebe {pl} sieves; sifters

Er hat ein Gedächtnis wie ein Sieb/Nudelsieb. He has a memory/mind like a sieve.

Streudose {f}; Streubüchse {f} [veraltend]; Streuer {m} [cook.] shaker jar; shaker; sifter jar [Br.]; sifter [Br.]; caster [Br.]; castor [Br.] [listen]

Streudosen {pl}; Streubüchsen {pl}; Streuer {pl} shaker jars; shakers; sifter jars; sifters; casters; castors

Gewürzstreuer {m} spice shaker; spice sifter [Br.]; spice castor [Br.]

Pfefferstreuer {m} pepper shaker; pepper sifter [Br.]; pepper caster [Br.]; pepper pot [Br.]

Salzstreuer {m} salt shaker; salt sifter [Br.]; salt castor [Br.]

Zuckerstreuer {m} sugar shaker; sugar sifter [Br.]; sugar caster [Br.]; sugar sprinkler [Br.]

Streueinsatz {m} (im Gewürzstreuer) sifter insert [Br.]; sifter [Br.]; shaker insert [Am.] (of a spice jar)

Streueinsätze {pl} sifter inserts; sifters; shaker inserts

Vibrationssieb {n}; Vibratorsieb {n}; Vibrosieb {n}; Schwingsieb {n} [techn.] vibrating screen; vibration screen; vibratory screen; vibration sifter; oscillating screen

Vibrationssiebe {pl}; Vibratorsiebe {pl}; Vibrosiebe {pl}; Schwingsiebe {pl} vibrating screens; vibration screens; vibratory screens; vibration sifters; oscillating screens

Vibrosieb mit Doppelwuchtmassenantrieb vibrating screen with double unbalance

Wuchtsieb {m} vibrating screen with adjustable couterweight

Zuckerstreuer {m} [cook.] sugar caster; sugar sprinkler; sugar sifter [Br.]; sugar shaker [Am.]

Zuckerstreuer {pl} sugar casters; sugar sprinklers; sugar sifters; sugar shakers
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