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etw. verkosten; kosten {vt} [cook.] [listen] to sample sth.; to taste sth.

verkostend; kostend sampling; tasting [listen]

verkostet; gekostet sampled; tasted

Weine verkosten to sample wines

Muster {n} [listen] sample [listen]

als Muster dienen für to sample [listen]

Muster ohne Wert sample of no value; sample without value

Warenprobe {f}; Probe {f}; Warenmuster {n}; Muster {n} [econ.] [listen] commercial sample; sample; specimen [listen] [listen]

Warenproben {pl}; Proben {pl}; Warenmuster {pl}; Muster {pl} [listen] commercial samples; samples; specimens [listen]

Angebotsmuster {n} sample accompanying the offer

Unverkäufliches Muster. Free sample.; Sample not for sale.

Probestück {n}; Probegut {n}; Probe {f}; Stichprobe {f}; Messprobe {f}; Prüfkörper {m} [sci.] [techn.] test specimen; test sample; sample piece; sample [listen]

Probestücke {pl}; Probegüter {pl}; Proben {pl}; Stichproben {pl}; Messproben {pl}; Prüfkörper {pl} test specimens; test samples; sample pieces; samples [listen]

Analyseprobe {f} analytical sample; analysis sample

Bodenprobe {f} sample of the soil

Biegeprobe {f} sample of bending work

Tiefenprobe {f} subsurface sample; deep sample

gestörte Probe disturbed sample

orientierte Probe oriented specimen

verunreinigte Probe contaminated sample

Kostprobe {f} (von etw.) [cook.] sample; taste (of sth.) [listen] [listen]

Kostproben {pl} samples; tastes [listen]

jdn. etw. kosten lassen to let sb. try a sample/taste of sth.

Stichprobe {f} {+Gen.} [statist.] sample (of sth.) [listen]

Stichproben {pl} samples [listen]

einfache Stichprobe simple sample

repräsentative Stichprobe adequate sample; average sample

Eichstichprobe {f}; Normstichprobe {f} norm sample; norming sample

Ein-Stichproben-Test {m} one sample test

Klumpenstichprobe {f}; Neststichprobe {f}; Clusterstichprobe {f} cluster sample

Stichprobe mit systematischem Fehler biased sample

eine Stichprobe (auf Schichten) aufteilen to allocate a sample

Theorie der großen Stichproben theory of large samples

eine Probe {+Gen./von etw.} nehmen; Proben {+Gen./von etw.} nehmen; Stichproben {+Gen./von etw.} nehmen {vt} to sample sth.; to take a sample of sth.

eine Probe nehmend; Proben nehmend; Stichproben nehmend sampling; taking a sample [listen]

eine Probe genommen; Proben genommen; Stichproben genommen sampled; taken a sample

(analoge Signale) abtasten {vt} [electr.] to sample (analogue signals) [listen]

abtastend sampling [listen]

abgetastet sampled

etw. bemustern; Proben von etw. präsentieren {vt} to sample sth.; to present/send samples of sth.

bemusternd; Proben präsentierend sampling; presenting/sending samples of [listen]

bemustert; Proben präsentiert sampled; presented/sent samples of

etw. bemustern; Proben einer Sache prüfen {vt} to sample sth.; to take samples of sth.

bemusternd; Proben einer Sache prüfend sampling; taking samples of [listen]

bemustert; Proben einer Sache geprüft sampled; taken samples of

Messküvette {f} [chem.] sample cell

Messküvetten {pl} sample cells

Musterangebot {n} sample quotation

Musterangebote {pl} sample quotations

Musterauftrag {m} sample order

Musteraufträge {pl} sample orders

Musterkarte {f} sample card

Musterkarten {pl} sample cards

Mustermesse {f} sample fair

Mustermessen {pl} sample fairs

Musterstück {n} sample item

Musterstücke {pl} sample items

Probebaum {m} [agr.] sample tree

Probebäume {pl} sample trees

Probekapsel {f} sample sagger

Probekapseln {pl} sample saggers

Probenbehälter {m} [chem.] sample container

Probenbehälter {pl} sample containers

Probenbeutel {m} sample bag

Probenbeutel {pl} sample bags

Probenlösung {f} [chem.] sample solution

Probenlösungen {pl} sample solutions

Probenraum {m} (Labor) sample compartment; sample chamber

Probenräume {pl} sample compartments; sample chambers

Probequadrat {n}; Dauerquadrat {n}; Quadrat {n} (quadratisches Geländestück für ökologische Studien) [envir.] [geogr.] sample quadrat; permanent quadrat; permanent sample plot; quadrat (square plot used for ecological studies) [listen]

Probequadrate {pl}; Dauerquadrate {pl}; Quadrate {pl} sample quadrats; permanent quadrats; permanent sample plots; quadrats

Probesendung {f}; Mustersendung {f} sample pack; sample package; sample consignment

Probesendungen {pl}; Mustersendungen {pl} sample packs; sample packages; sample consignments

Sammelbeutel {m} (Abgastest) sample bag

Sammelbeutel {pl} sample bags

Stichproben-Runlänge {f} [statist.] sample run length

durchschnittliche Stichproben-Runlänge average sample run length /ARL/

Musterformular {n} sample form; specimen copy of a form

Musterformulare {pl} sample forms; specimen copies of a form

Stichprobenerhebung {f} sample survey; sampling survey

Stichprobenerhebungen {pl} sample surveys; sampling surveys

Abfragemodus {m} sample mode

Abtasthalteglied {n} sample and hold element (S&H)

Auswahleinrichtung {f} [comp.] sample selection feature

Brandprobe {f} (Muster gebrannter Keramik) sample of the baking (ceramics)

Ereignisraum {m}; Stichprobenraum {m} [math.] sample space

Luftentnahmestrom {m} sample flow rate

Musterlager {n} sample stock

Probeneinspritzung {f} sample injection

Probenkapazität {f} sample capacity

Probenverwaltung {f} (Labor) sample custody (laboratory)

Probenvorbereitung {f} sample preparation

Standardabweichungskarte {f} sample standard deviation chart

Stichprobenumfang {m} sample size

Textprobe {f} sample text

etw. mischen; sampeln {vt} [mus.] to sample sth.

Musterlieferung {f} [econ.] sample delivery; packaging test

Musterbestellung {f} [econ.] sample order

Mustertext {m} sample text

Probenehmer {m} sample man; sample cutter; sampler

Genprobe {f}; DNS-Probe {f}; DNA-Probe {f} [biochem.] genetic sample; gene sample; DNA sample

Genproben {pl}; DNS-Proben {pl}; DNA-Proben {pl} genetic samples; gene samples; DNA samples

Ausschlussprobe {f} (Kriminaltechnik) elimination sample (forensics)

Tatortprobe {f} (Kriminaltechnik) crime scene sample (forensics)

DNS-Probe eines Festgenommenen (Kriminaltechnik) criminal justice sample; CJ arrestee sample (forensics)

DNS-Probe von einem Asservat (Kriminaltechnik) court exhibit sample; exhibit sample; sample from an exhibit (forensics)

eine Genprobe abgeben to give a genetic sample

Stichprobenplan {m}; Erhebungsplan {m} [statist.] sampling inspection plan; sampling plan; sample plan; sampling design; sample design; survey design

Stichprobenpläne {pl}; Erhebungspläne {pl} sampling inspection plans; sampling plans; sample plans; sampling designs; sample designs; survey designs

einfacher Stichprobenplan single sampling plan

stetiger Stichprobenplan continuous sampling plan

mehrstufiger kontinuierlicher Stichprobenplan multi-level continuous sampling plan

sequentieller Stichprobenplan sequential sampling plan

Dodge'scher kontinuierlicher Stichprobenplan Dodge continuous sampling plan

Abgasprobe {f} exhaust sample

Abgasproben {pl} exhaust samples

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