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Dachverkleidung {f}; Dachinnenverkleidung {f}; Dachhimmel {m}; Himmel {m} [auto] [listen] roof lining; headliner; headlining

Dach {n} [arch.] [listen] roof [listen]

Dächer {pl} roofs

Grabendach {n} line of butterfly roofs

Priependach {n}; Mönch- und Nonnendach {n} roof covered with Spanish tiles

Sägedach {n} saw-tooth roof; double-ridged roof

Schleppdach {n} catslide roof; skillion roof [Austr.]; roof extension

Schmetterlingsdach {n} butterfly roof; V roof

Tonnendach {n}; tonnenförmiges Dach arched roof

Wellplattendach {n} corrugated sheet roof

Hausdach {n}; Dach {n} [constr.] [listen] house roof; roof [listen]

Hausdächer {pl}; Dächer {pl} house roofs; roofs

Erddach {n} earth roof

Glockendach {n} bell-cast roof

Sägezahndach saw-tooth roof

Dach {n}; Decke {f}; Hangendes {n}; Firste {f} [min.] [listen] [listen] hanging roof; roof; hanging wall; top wall [listen]

überdachen {vt} to roof; to roof over [listen]

überdachend roofing; roofing over

überdacht roofed; roofed over

Dachflächenfenster {n}; liegendes Dachfenster {n} [arch.] roof-light window; skylight window

Dachflächenfenster {pl}; liegende Dachfenster {pl} roof-light windows; skylight windows

Dachstuhl {m}; Dachgerüst {n}; Dachgebälk {n} [constr.] roof truss; roof timbers; roof beams; roof framework; roof woodwork

Dachstühle {pl}; Dachgerüste {pl}; Dachgebälke {pl} roof trusses; roof frameworks; roof woodworks

sichtbarer Dachstuhl; offener Dachstuhl open roof truss; open-timber roof

bedachen {vt} to roof [listen]

bedachend roofing

bedacht roofed

Autodach {n} [auto] roof of a car; car top

Autodächer {pl} car roofs; car tops

Dachbahn {f}; Dachbahnen {pl} [constr.] roof sheeting

Teer-Bitumendachbahn {f} tar-bitumen roof sheeting

Dachbalken {m} roof beam

Dachbalken {pl} roof beams

Dachbinder {m}; Binder {m} [constr.] roof truss; truss

Kragbinder mit Stangenanker truss with tension rod

Dachbox {f}; Dachkoffer {m} [auto] roof box

Dachboxen {pl}; Dachkoffer {pl} roof boxes

Dachfenster {n} [arch.] roof window

Dachfenster {pl} roof windows

Dachfirst {m}; First {m} [arch.] roof ridge; ridge [listen]

Dachfirste {pl}; Firste {pl} roof ridges; ridges

Dachhülse {f} [constr.] roof sleeve

Dachhülsen {pl} roof sleeves

Dachkante {f} [constr.] roof edge

Dachkanten {pl} roof edges

Dachlatte {f} [constr.] roof batten; roof lath

Dachlatten {pl} roof battens; roof lathes

Dachluke {f} [constr.] roof access hatch; roof hatch

Dachluken {pl} roof access hatches; roof hatches

Dachlukenfenster {f} [arch.] roof hatch window

Dachlukenfenster {pl} roof hatch windows

Dachöffnung {f} roof opening

Dachöffnungen {pl} roof openings

Dachplatte {f} [constr.] roof slab; roofing slab

Dachplatten {pl} roof slabs; roofing slabs

Dachspriegel {m}; Spriegel {m} roof bow

Dachspriegel {pl}; Spriegel {pl} roof bows

Dachterrasse {f} roof terrace

Dachterrassen {pl} roof terraces

Dachträger {m} roof girder

Dachträger {pl} roof girders

Deckenbrenner {m} [mach.] roof burner

Deckenbrenner {pl} roof burners

Deckenebene {f} roof level

Deckenebenen {pl} roof levels

Dachabdichtungsarbeiten {pl} [constr.] roof sealing works

Dachablauf {m} [constr.] roof outlet

Dachbedeckung {f} roof covering

Dachbegrünung {f} (Vorgang) [envir.] roof greening, rooftop greening

Dachblech {n} roof sheet; roof sheet metal

Dachdämmung {f}; Dachisolierung {f} [constr.] roof insulation

Dachdeckerarbeit {f} [constr.] roof tiling work

Dachdeckerarbeiten {pl}; Dachdeckung {f} (Tätigkeit) roof covering; roofing work; roofing (activity)

Dachdeckung {f}; Dachhaut {f} [constr.] roof covering; roofing

Dachdichtung {f} roof sealing

Dachentwässerung {f} [constr.] roof drainage

Dachfläche {f} roof space

Dachgully {n} [constr.] roof gully

Dachhaut {f}; Dachbelag {m} roof membrane; roof coating

Dachlast {f} roof load

Dachlüfter {m} roof fan

Dachreling {f} roof rails

Dachschiefer {m} [constr.] roof slate; roofing slate; table slate; shiver; shindle [listen]

Dachverband {m} [constr.] roof framework

Dachverglasung {f} roof glazing

Deckenoberlicht {n} roof light

Faltenbalg {m} (bei einem Wohnmobil-Aufstelldach) roof bellows (in motorhome pop top roofs)

Firstpunkt {m} [min.] roof station

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