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Entferner {m} [in Zusammensetzungen] remover [in compounds]

Insektenentferner {m} insect remover

Nagellackentferner {m} nail lacquer remover; nail polish remover

Schmutzentferner {m} dirt remover

Teerentferner {m} tar remover

Schadstoffreiniger {m}; Schadstoffentferner {m} [envir.] purifier; contaminant remover

Schadstoffreiniger {pl}; Schadstoffentferner {pl} purifiers; contaminant removers

Abfallreiniger {m} waste purifier; waste cleanser

Abgasreiniger {m} exhaust purifier

Luftreiniger {m} air purifier

Farbentferner {m}; Farblösemittel {n}; Farblöser; Farbenabbeizmittel {n}; Farbenbeize {f}; Abbeizmittel {n}; Abbeizfluid {n}; Abbeizer {m}; Ablaugenmittel {n} paint-stripping solvent; paint stripper; stripper; paint remover; pickling agent

Farbentferner {pl}; Farblösemittel {pl}; Farblöser; Farbenabbeizmittel {pl}; Farbenbeizen {pl}; Abbeizmittel {pl}; Abbeizfluide {pl}; Abbeizer {pl}; Ablaugenmittel {pl} paint-stripping solvents; paint strippers; strippers; paint removers; pickling agents

Tapetenlösemittel {n}; Tapetenlöser {m} wallpaper stripper

Bolzenzieher {m} [techn.] stud wrench; stud remover

Bolzenzieher {pl} stud wrenches; stud removers

Fleckenlöser {m}; Fleckenentferner {m}; Fleckentferner {m}; Fleckenreiniger {m}; Fleckenwasser {n} stain remover; spot remover

Fleckenlöser {pl}; Fleckenentferner {pl}; Fleckentferner {pl}; Fleckenreiniger {pl} stain removers; spot removers

Flusenkugel {f} (für die Waschmaschine) lint remover ball; washing ball (for the washing machine)

Flusenkugeln {pl} lint remover balls; washing balls

Fusselentferner {m}; Fusselrolle {f} lint remover; lint pick-up; lint roll

Fusselentferner {pl}; Fusselrollen {pl} lint removers; lint pick-ups; lint rolls

Kettenabstreifer {m} [techn.] chain remover

Kettenabstreifer {pl} chain removers

Möbelpacker {m}; Umzugshelfer {m} (Person) furniture remover [Br.]; remover [Br.]; removal man [Br.]; furniture mover [Am.]; mover [Am.] (person)

Möbelpacker {pl}; Umzugshelfer {pl} furniture removers; removers; removal men; furniture movers; movers

Nagelhautentferner {m} cuticle remover

Nagelhautentferner {pl} cuticle removers

Schimmelentferner {m}; Schimmelvernichter {m} mould and mildew remover [Br.]; mold and mildew remover [Am.]; mould stain remover [Br.]; mold stain remover [Am.]; mould killer [Br.]; mold killer [Am.]; mould cleaner [Br.]; mold cleaner [Am.]

Schimmelentferner {pl}; Schimmelvernichter {pl} mould and mildew removers; mold and mildew removers; mould stain removers; mold stain removers; mould killers; mold killers; mould cleaners; mold cleaners

Schneeräumgerät {n} snow remover

Schneeräumgeräte {pl} snow removers

Heftklammerentferner {m}; Klammerentferner {m} staple remover

Heftklammerentferner {pl}; Klammerentferner {pl} staple removers

Abschlämmautomat {m} mud remover

Abschminkwatte {f} make-up remover pad

Fleckenspray {m,n}; Fleckenentfernerspray {m,n} stain remover spray; stain removing spray

Hühneraugenentferner {m}; Hühneraugenmittel {n} [med.] corn remover

Rindenschäler {m} (Forstwesen) [agr.] (motor) bark remover (forestry)
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