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Rekombination {f}; Kolligation {f} [chem.] recombination; colligation

dissoziative Rekombination; Rekombination mit Dissoziation dissociative recombination

Rekombination {f} (Bildung neuer Genverbindungen) [biochem.] recombination (rearrangement of genetic material)

Rekombinationen {pl} recombinations

homologe Rekombination homologous recombination

Rekombination {f} (Wiedervereinigung von Ladungsträgern im Plasma) [phys.] recombination process; recombination (of charge carriers in the plasma)

Rekombination im Zweierstoß; Zweierstoßrekombination two-body recombination

Rekombination im Dreierstoß; Dreierstoßrekombination three-body recombination

Rekombination {f} (Wiedervereinigung von Ladungsträgern in Halbleitern) [electr.] recombination process; recombination (of charge carriers in semiconductors)

direkte / indirekte Rekombination direct / indirect recombination

Rekombinationsknoten {m} [biochem.] recombination nodule

Rekombinationsknoten {pl} recombination nodules

Rekombinationsprodukt {n} [biochem.] recombination product

Rekombinationsprodukte {pl} recombination products

Rekombinationsbereich {m} (des Zählrohrs) [phys.] recombination region (of the counting tube)

Rekombinationsenergie {f} [chem.] [phys.] recombination energy

Rekombinationsgenerationsstrom {m} [electr.] recombination current

Rekombinationsgeschwindigkeit {f} recombination velocity

Rekombinationsleuchten {n}; Wiedervereinigungsleuchten {n} [chem.] [phys.] recombination luminescence

Rekombinationsrate {f}; Rekombinationsfaktor {m}; Rekombinationskoeffizient {m} [biochem.] [electr.] [phys.] recombination rate; recombination coefficient

Rekombinationsstelle {f} [phys.] recombination site

Rekombinationsstrahlung {f} (Plasma) [phys.] recombination radiation (plasma)

Rekombinationsstrom {m} (Halbleiter) [electr.] recombination current (semiconductors)

Rekombinationstechnik {f} [biochem.] recombination technology

Rekombinationswahrscheinlichkeit {f} [chem.] [phys.] recombination probability

Rekombinationszeit {f} [chem.] [phys.] recombination time

Rekombinationszentrum {n} [electr.] [phys.] recombination centre [Br.]; recombination center [Am.]

Rekombinatorstopfen {m} [chem.] [techn.] recombination vent cap

Wiedervereinigungsgeschwindigkeit {f}; Rekombinationsgeschwindigkeit {f} (von Ladungsträgern im Plasma) [phys.] recombination velocity (of charge carriers in the plasma)

neue Zusammensetzung {f}; neue Verbindung {f} (von etw.) recombination (of sth.)

Batterie {f} [electr.] battery [listen]

Batterien {pl} batteries

Fahrzeugbatterie {f} vehicle battery; car battery

Gruppenbatterie {f} group battery

Hörgerätebatterie {f} hearing aid battery

entladene Batterie discharged battery

wiederaufladbare Batterie rechargeable battery

Batterie mit gebundenem Elektrolyten recombination battery

Eiweißstoff {m}; Eiweißkörper {m}; Eiweiß {n}; Protein {n} [biochem.] protein; albuminous substance [listen]

Blutplasmaeiweiß {n}; Bluteiweiß {n}; Plasmaeiweiß {n}; Blutplasmaprotein {n}; Plasmaprotein {n} blood plasma protein; blood protein; plasma protein

Chromoprotein {n} chromoprotein

Gerüsteiweiß {n}; Strukturprotein {n}; Skleroprotein {n} structural protein

konjugiertes Protein; Proteid [frühere Bezeichnung] conjugated protein; proteid [former name]

Mikroprotein {n} microprotein

morphogenes Protein; Morphogen {n} morphogene protein; morphogene

Mucoprotein {n} mucoprotein

Nukleoprotein {n} nucleoprotein

Pflanzeneiweiß {n}; Pflanzenprotein {n} plant protein

Rekombinationsprotein {n} recombination protein

Rohprotein {n} raw protein

Schutzeiweiß {n}; Schutzprotein {n} protective protein

Sirtuin {n}; Sir2-Protein {n} sirtuin; Sir2-like protein

Stachelprotein {n}; S-Protein {n}; Oberflächenglycoprotein {n} spike protein; surface glycoprotein

Stressprotein {n} stress protein

Trägerprotein {n}; Schlepperprotein {n} carrier protein

Transportprotein {n} carrier protein

Virusprotein {n} virus protein
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