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Strahl {m} [listen] ray [listen]

Strahlen {pl} rays

außerordentlicher Strahl extraordinary ray

ordentlicher Strahl ordinary ray

felgenrechter Strahl; sagittaler Strahl {m} [phys.] sagittal ray

ausstrahlen {vt} [listen] to ray

ausstrahlend raying

ausgestrahlt rayed

Lichtblick {m} ray of hope; comfort [listen]

Lichtblicke {pl} rays of hope

Strahl {m}; Halbgerade {f} [math.] [listen] ray [listen]

Strahlen {pl}; Halbgeraden {pl} rays

Strahlenpilz {m}; Aktinomyzet {n} [myc.] ray fungus; actinomycete

Strahlenpilze {pl}; Aktinomyzeten {pl} ray fungi; actinomycetes

Schimmer {m} ray [listen]

Bestrahlungstherapie {f}; Bestrahlung {f} [med.] irradiation/radiation therapy; radiotherapy; ray therapy; (ir)radiation [listen] [listen]

Nahbestrahlung {f} contact radiation

multifraktionierte Bestahlung multifraction irradiation

postoperative Bestrahlung postoperative radiation

Sofortbestrahlung {f} instantaneous irradiation

jdn./etw. röntgen; röntgenisieren [Ös.]; durchleuchten {vt} [med.] to X-ray sb./sth. [listen]

röntgend; röntgenisierend; durchleuchtend X-raying

geröntgt; röntgenisiert; durchleuchtet X-rayed

sich die Hand röntgen lassen to have one's hand X-rayed

Lichtstrahl {m} [phys.] light ray; beam of light

Lichtstrahlen {pl} light rays; beams of light

Lichtgang {m} path of light rays

Röntgenbild {n}; Röntgenaufnahme {f} [med.] X-ray picture; X-ray image; x-radiograph

Röntgenbilder {pl}; Röntgenaufnahmen {pl} X-ray pictures; X-ray images; x-radiographs

Röntgenrasterbild {n} X-ray scan picture

Schichtröntgen {n}; Computertomografie {f}; Computertomographie {f} /CT/ [med.] X-ray computed tomography /X-ray CT/; computed axial tomography /CAT/; computed tomography scanning; CT scanning; computed tomography /CT/; computer tomography /CT/

Einzelphotonen-Emissionscomputertomographie {f} single-photon emission computed tomography /SPECT/

Positronen-Emissionstomographie {f} positron-emission tomography /PET/

Aktivitätsstrahl {m}; Prozessstrahl {m} activity ray

Aktivitätsstrahlen {pl}; Prozessstrahlen {pl} activity rays

Elektronenstrahlröhre {f} electron ray tube

Elektronenstrahlröhren {pl} electron ray tubes

Flossenstachel {m} [zool.] fin ray

Flossenstacheln {pl} fin rays

Gammasonde {f} [med.] [techn.] gamma-ray probe; gamma probe

Gammasonden {pl} gamma-ray probes; gamma probes

Gammastrahl {m} [phys.] gamma ray

Gammastrahlen {pl} gamma rays

Kathodenstrahl {m} cathode ray

Kathodenstrahlen {pl} cathode rays

Kathodenstrahlröhre {f}; Braun'sche Röhre {f} [electr.] cathode-ray tube /CRT/

Kathodenstrahlröhren {pl}; Braun'sche Röhren {pl} cathode-ray tubes

Nagetrochen {m} [zool.] Thornback ray

Nagetrochen {pl} Thornback rays

Nahstrahl {m} (Funk) [techn.] low-angle ray (radio)

Nahstrahlen {pl} low angle rays

Oszilloskop {n}; Elektronenstrahloszilloskop {n}; Kathodenstrahloszilloskop {n} [electr.] oscilloscope; cathode-ray oscilloscope

Oszilloskope {pl}; Elektronenstrahloszilloskope {pl}; Kathodenstrahloszilloskope {pl} oscilloscopes; cathode-ray oscilloscopes

Panoramaröntgenaufnahme {f}; Panoramaschichtaufnahme {f} /PSA/; Panoramaaufnahme {f}; Panoramaröntgenbild {n}; Panoramaröntgen {n}; Panoramabild {n}; Pantomogramm {n}; Orthopantomogramm {n} /OPT/ (des Gebisses) (Zahnmedizin) [med.] panoramic dental X-ray; panoramic X-ray; panorex; panoramic radiograph; pantomograph; (dental) pantomogram; orthopantomogram; orthopantogram /OPG/ (of the denture) (dentistry)

Panoramaröntgenaufnahmen {pl}; Panoramaschichtaufnahmen {pl}; Panoramaaufnahmen {pl}; Panoramaröntgenbilder {pl}; Panoramabilder {pl}; Pantomogramme {pl}; Orthopantomogramme {pl} panoramic dental X-rays; panoramic X-rays; panorexes; panoramic radiographs; pantomographs; pantomograms; orthopantomograms; orthopantograms

Panoramaröntgengerät {n}; Orthopantomograph {m}; Pantomograph {m}; OPT-Gerät {n} (Zahnmedizin) [med.] panoramic dental x-ray machine; panoramic X-ray machine; orthopantomograph; pantomograph (dentistry)

Panoramaröntgengeräte {pl}; Orthopantomographen {pl}; Pantomographen {pl}; OPT-Geräte {pl} panoramic dental x-ray machines; panoramic X-ray machines; orthopantomographs; pantomographs

Röntgenanalyse {f} X-ray analysis

Röntgenanalysen {pl} X-ray analyses

Röntgenbeugungsdiagramm {n} x-ray diffraction diagram; x-ray diffraction pattern

Röntgenbeugungsdiagramme {pl} x-ray diffraction diagrams; x-ray diffraction patterns

Röntgen-Abteilung {f} [med.] X-ray department

Röntgen-Abteilungen {pl} X-ray departments

Röntgenfilm {m} X-ray film

Röntgenfilme {pl} X-ray films

Röntgengerät {n}; Röntgenapparat {m} X-ray machine; X-ray apparatus

Röntgengeräte {pl}; Röntgenapparate {pl} X-ray machines; X-ray apparatuses

Röntgenschirm {m}; Durchleuchtungsschirm {m}; Leuchtschirm {m}; Fluoreszenzschirm {m} [med.] x-ray screen; fluorescent screen; fluoroscopic screen

Röntgenschirme {pl}; Durchleuchtungsschirme {pl}; Leuchtschirme {pl}; Fluoreszenzschirme {pl} x-ray screens; fluorescent screens; fluoroscopic screens

Röntgenschirm {m} X-ray screen

Röntgenschirmen {pl} X-ray screens

Röntgenstrahlung {f} [phys.] x-ray radiation; x-radiation; roentgen radiation [rare]

charakteristische Röntgenstrahlung {f}; Fluoreszenzröntgenstrahlung {f}; Röntgenfluoreszenzstrahlung {f}; Fluoreszenzstrahlung {f} characteristic x-radiation; characteristic x-rays; fluorescence x-radiation

Röntgenstrahluntersuchung {f} X-ray testing

Röntgenstrahluntersuchungen {pl} X-ray testings

Röntgenuntersuchung {f} [med.] X-ray examination; X-ray treatment

Röntgenuntersuchungen {pl} X-ray examinations; X-ray treatments

Schichtröntgenbild {n}; Computertomogramm {n} [med.] X-ray computed tomogram; computed tomogram; computed tomography scan; CT scan

Schichtröntgenbilder {pl}; Computertomogramme {pl} X-ray computed tomograms; computed tomograms; computed tomography scans; CT scans

Sehstrahl {m} visual ray

Sehstrahlen {pl} visual rays

Streiflicht {n} streak of light; beam of light; ray of light

Streiflichter {pl} streaks of light; beams of light; rays of light

Zitterrochen {m} [zool.] torpedo; electric ray

Zitterrochen {pl} torpedoes; electric rays

tief eingestelltes Becken (Röntgenbefund) [med.] low AP pelvis (x-ray report)

Bissflügelaufnahme {f} (Röntgen) [med.] bite-wing (x-ray)

Blaupunktrochen {m} (Taeniura lymma) [zool.] bluespotted ribbontail ray

Brennstrahl {m} focal ray

Gamma-Absorptionsmessung {f} [phys.] gamma-ray absorptiometry

Gamma-Aufnahme {f}; Gamma-Absorption {f} [phys.] [med.] gamma-ray absorption; gamma absorption

Gammaspektrometrie {f} [phys.] gamma-ray spectrometry; gamma spectrometry

Gammaspektroskopie {f} [phys.] gamma-ray spectroscopy; gamma spectroscopy

Gammastrahlenastronomie {f} [astron.] gamma-ray astronomy

spezifische Gammastrahlenkonstante {f} [phys.] specific gamma-ray constant

Gammastrahlenmessung {f} im Bohrloch (Ölförderung) [geol.] gamma-ray log (oil production)

Kernphotoeffekt {m}; Kernphotoreaktion {f}; Kernphotoprozess {m} [phys.] photonuclear reaction effect; photonuclear reaction; nuclear photoeffect; nuclear photoreaction; photon-induced nuclear reaction; gamma-ray induced nuclear reaction; photodisintegration

Lungenröntgenbild {n}; Lungenröntgenaufnahme {f}; Lungenröntgen {n} lung x-ray; lung radiograph; pulmogram; pneumatogram; pneumogram

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