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nachplappern {vt} to parrot

nachplappernd parroting

nachgeplappert parroted

plappert nach parrots

plapperte nach parroted

etw. wie ein Papagei wiederholen to repeat sth. parrot fashion [Br.]

Papagei {m} [ornith.] parrot [listen]

Papageien {pl} parrots

Papageienkrankheit {f} [med.] parrot fever

Kiefernkreuzschnabel {m} (Loxia pytyopsittacus) [ornith.] parrot crossbill

wie ein Papagei; auswendig {adj} (ohne zu verstehen) [listen] parrotlike; parrot-fashion [Br.]

völlig geknickt sein; fertig mit der Welt sein; die Ohren hängen lassen {vi} to be (as) sick as a parrot [Br.] [humor.]

Amboinasittich {m} [ornith.] amboina king parrot

Papuasittich {m} [ornith.] green-winged king parrot

Königssittich {m} [ornith.] Australian king parrot

Rotspiegelamazone {f} (Amazona agilis) [ornith.] black-billed amazon; black-billed parrot

Weißstirnamazone {f} (Amazona albifrons) [ornith.] white-fronted amazon; white-fronted parrot

Gelbnackenamazone {f} (Amazona auropalliata) [ornith.] yellow-naped amazon; yellow-naped parrot

Gelbschulteramazone {f} (Amazona barbadensis) [ornith.] yellow-shouldered amazon; yellow-shouldered parrot

Rotstirnamazone {f}; Gelbwangenamazone {f} (Amazona autumnalis) [ornith.] red-lored amazon; red-lored parrot

Rotschwanzamazone {f} (Amazona brasiliensis) [ornith.] red-tailed amazon; red-tailed parrot

Mülleramazone {f} (Amazona farinosa) [ornith.] mealy amazon; mealy parrot

Blaubartamazone {f} (Amazona festiva) [ornith.] festive amazon; festive parrot

Blaukappenamazone {f} (Amazona finschi) [ornith.] lilac-crowned amazon; lilac-crowned parrot

Königsamazone {f} (Amazona guildingii) [ornith.] St. Vincent amazon; St. Vincent parrot

Kuba-Amazone {f} (Amazona leucocephala) [ornith.] Cuban amazon; rose-throated parrot

Soldatenamazone {f} (Amazona mercenaria) [ornith.] scaly-naped amazon; scaly-naped parrot

Gelbscheitelamazone {f}; Surinam-Amazone {f} (Amazona ochrocephala) [ornith.] yellow-crowned amazon; yellow-crowned parrot

Grünwangenamazone {f} (Amazona viridigenalis) [ornith.] red-crowned amazon; green-cheeked amazon; Mexican red-headed parrot

Goldzügelamazone {f} (Amazona xantholora) [ornith.] yellow-lored amazon; Yucatan parrot

Goldbauchamazone {f}; Gelbbauchamazone {f} (Amazona xanthops) [ornith.] yellow-faced amazon; yellow-faced parrot

Rotflügelsittich {m} [ornith.] red-winged parrot

Timorsittich {m} [ornith.] timor red-winged parrot

Barnardsittich {m} [ornith.] mallee ringneck parrot

Ringsittich {m} [ornith.] port lincoln parrot

Rabenpapagei {m} [ornith.] black parrot

Großer Vasa {m} [ornith.] vasa parrot

Fächerpapagei {m} [ornith.] hawk-headed parrot

Edelpapagei {m} [ornith.] eclectus parrot

Rotkopfpapagei {m} [ornith.] red-cheeked parrot

Bismarckpapagei {m} [ornith.] singing parrot

Blauhalspapagei {m} [ornith.] blue-collared parrot

Höhlensittich {m} [ornith.] night parrot

Kurzschwanzpapagei {m} [ornith.] short-tailed parrot

Kahlkopfpapagei {m} [ornith.] vulturine parrot

DesMurs Zwergamazone {f} (Hapalopsittaca amazonina) [ornith.] rusty-faced amazon; rusty-faced parrot

Chapmans Zwergamazone {f} (Hapalopsittaca fuertesi) [ornith.] Fuertes's amazon; indigo-winged parrot

Salvins Zwergamazone {f} (Hapalopsittaca pyrrhops) [ornith.] red-faced parrot

Veilchenamazone {f}; Guadalupe-Amazone {f} (Amazona violacea) [ornith.] Guadeloupe parrot

Kawall-Amazone {f} (Amazona kawalli) [ornith.] white-faced amazon; white-cheeked amazon; Kawall's amazon/parrot

Schwarzflügelpapagei {m} [ornith.] black-winged parrot

Schwalbensittich {m} [ornith.] swift parrot

Zierpapageichen {n} [ornith.] moluccan hanging parrot

Goldstirnpapageichen {n} [ornith.] orange-fronted hanging parrot

Ceylonpapageichen {n} [ornith.] Ceylon hanging parrot

Däumlingspapageichen {n} [ornith.] green hanging parrot

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