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Graufischer {m} [zool.] pied kingfisher

Graufischer {pl} pied kingfishers

Alcedo-Eisvögel {pl} (Alcedo) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.] alcedo kingfishers (zoological genus)

Gemeiner Eisvogel {m} (Alcedo atthis) common kingfisher; Eurasian kingfisher

Bartliest {m} [ornith.] moustached kingfisher

Malaienliest {m} [ornith.] chestnut-collared kingfisher

Tropfenliest {m} [ornith.] spotted wood kingfisher

Einsiedlerliest {m} [ornith.] blue-headed wood kingfisher

Königsliest {m} [ornith.] bar-headed wood kingfisher

Azurfischer {m} [ornith.] azure kingfisher

Türkisfischer {m} [ornith.] small blue kingfisher

Haubenzwergfischer {m} [ornith.] malachite kingfisher

Brustbandeisvogel {m} [ornith.] blue-banded kingfisher

Herkuleseisvogel {m} [ornith.] Blyth's kingfisher

Weißbauch-Zwergfischer {m} [ornith.] white-bellied kingfisher

Menintingeisvogel {m} [ornith.] blue-eared kingfisher

Mangrovefischer {m} [ornith.] mangrove kingfisher

Schillereisvogel {m} [ornith.] shining-blue kingfisher

Kobalteisvogel {m} [ornith.] half-collared kingfisher

Madagaskarzwergfischer {m} [ornith.] Madagascar malachite kingfisher

Glitzerliest {m} [ornith.] glittering kingfisher

Graufischer {m} [ornith.] lesser pied kingfisher

Silberfischer {m} [ornith.] silvery kingfisher

Blaubrustfischer {m} [ornith.] dwarf river kingfisher

Dschungelfischer {m} [ornith.] three-toed kingfisher

Rostfischer {m} [ornith.] Sulawesi pygmy kingfisher

Goodfellowfischer {m} [ornith.] Goodfellow's kingfisher

Braunkopf-Zwergfischer {m} [ornith.] African dwarf kingfisher

Waldfischer {m} [ornith.] dwarf kingfisher

Madagaskarfischer {m} [ornith.] Madagascar pygmy kingfisher

Goldfischer {m} [ornith.] Philippine forest kingfisher

Natalzwergfischer {m} [ornith.] African pygmy kingfisher

Bismarckfischer {m} [ornith.] Bismarck pygmy kingfisher

Erzfischer {m} [ornith.] pygmy kingfisher

Amazonasfischer {m} [ornith.] amazon kingfisher

Grünfischer {m} [ornith.] green kingfisher

Zweifarbenfischer {m} [ornith.] green & rufous kingfisher

Blauohrliest {m} [ornith.] Sulawesi blue-eared kingfisher

Froschschnabelliest {m} [ornith.] shovel-billed kingfisher

Rotbauchliest {m} [ornith.] rufous-bellied giant kingfisher

Aruliest {m} [ornith.] aru giant kingfisher

Braunkopfliest {m} [ornith.] brown-hooded kingfisher

Weißrückenliest {m} [ornith.] white-backed kingfisher

Braunflügelliest {m} [ornith.] brown-winged kingfisher

Timorliest {m} [ornith.] timor kingfisher

Kastanienliest {m} [ornith.] chocolate-backed kingfisher

Storchschnabelliest {m} [ornith.] stork-billed kingfisher

Streifenliest {m} [ornith.] striped kingfisher

Halsbandliest {m} [ornith.] white-collared kingfisher

Zimtkopfliest {m} [ornith.] micronesian kingfisher

Feuerliest {m} [ornith.] ruddy kingfisher

Javaliest {m} [ornith.] java kingfisher

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