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Similar words:
insect, insect-eater, insect-eaters, insect-eating, insects

Baumhummer {m} (Dryococelus australis) [zool.] tree lobster; land lobster; Lord Howe Island stick insect; Lord Howe Island phasmid

Deckelschildläuse {pl} (Diaspididae) (zoologische Familie) [zool.] armoured scale insects (zoological family)

Entomophagie {f}; Verzehr {m} von Insekten [cook.] insect-eating; entomophagy

Entwicklungsstadium {n} von Insekten zwischen den Häutungen [zool.] instar (developmental stage of insects between each moult)

Hautflügler {pl} (Hymenoptera) (zoologische Ordnung) [zool.] hymenopterous insects (ants, bees, wasps and sawflies) (zoological order)

Hemimetabolie {f}; Verwandlung {f} von Insekten ohne Puppenstadium [zool.] hemimetabolism (insect methamorphosis without pupal instar)

Hinterflügel {pl} (eines Insekts) [zool.] hindwings (of an insect)

Holometabolie {f} (Verwandlung von Insekten mit Puppenstadium) [zool.] holometabolism (insect methamorphosis with pupal instar)

stylopisiertes Insekt stylopized insect

Insektenblütigkeit {f}; Entomophilie {f}; Entomogamie {f} [bot.] insect pollination; entomophily

Insektenesser {m}; Entomophag {m} (Mensch) [cook.] (human) insect-eater; entomophagist

Insektenfresser {pl} (Eulipotyphla) (früher: Insectivora / Lipotyphla) (zoologische Ordnung) [zool.] insect-eating mammals; insectivoran mammals; insectivorans (often wrongly: insectivores) (zoological order)

Insektenbefall {m} insect attack

Insektensterben {n} [envir.] insect die-off; insect mortality

Pflanzenläuse {pl} (Sternorrhyncha) (zoologische Unterordnung) [zool.] aphids, whiteflies and scale insects (zoological suborder)

Räuchern {n} gegen Frost oder Insekten; Frosträuchern [agr.] smudging (to protect against frost or to repel insects) [Am.] [Can.]

Schadinsekten {pl} [agr.] insect pests

Schildläuse {pl} (Coccoidea) (zoologische Überfamilie) [zool.] scale insects (zoological superfamily)

Stabschrecken und Gespenstschrecken {pl}; Gespenstschrecken {pl}; Phasmiden {pl} (Phasmatodea) (zoologische Ordnung) [zool.] stick bugs and ghost insects; ghost insects (zoological order)

Vorderflügel {pl} (eines Insekts) [zool.] forewings (of an insect)

Wandelnde Blätter {pl} (Phylliinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [zool.] leaf insects; walking leaves (zoological subfamily)

insektenblütig; entomophil; entomogam {adj} [bot.] insect pollinated; entomophilous; entogamous

insektenverzehrend; entomophagisch {adj} [cook.] insect-eating; entomophagous

gegen Frost oder Insekten räuchern {vi} [agr.] to smudge (to protect against frost or to repel insects) [Am.] [Can.]

staatenbildend {adj} (Insekten) [zool.] gregarious; social (insects) [listen] [listen]

Ackerschädling {m} [agr.] field pest; injurious insect

Ackerschädlinge {pl} injurious insects

die Biologie von jdm./etw.; die biologischen Kennzeichen und Lebensumstände von jdm./etw. [biol.] the biology of sb./sth.; the biological features and living circumstances of sb./sth.

die Biologie der Insekten the biology of insects

die Biologie des Regenwaldes the biology of the rain forest

Bohrmehl {n} [min.] [zool.] bore dust; powdery debris

Bohrmehl von Insekten bore dust from insects

Entferner {m} [in Zusammensetzungen] remover [in compounds]

Insektenentferner {m} insect remover

Nagellackentferner {m} nail lacquer remover; nail polish remover

Schmutzentferner {m} dirt remover

Teerentferner {m} tar remover

Flügelzeichnung {f} (bei Insekten) [zool.] wing markings (with insects)

Vorderflügelzeichnung {f} forewing markings

Hinterflügelzeichnung {f} hindwing markings

Giftkunde {f}; Toxikologie {f} [pharm.] toxicology

Insektentoxikologie {f} insect toxicology

Pflanzentoxikologie {f} plant toxicology

etw. im Haus haben; etwas dahaben [ugs.] {vt} to have (got) sth. in the house; to have (got) sth. in [coll.]

Hast du Bier im Haus/da? Have you got any beer in (the house)?

Insektenfallen sind aus(verkauft). Nächste Woche werden wir wieder welche (im Haus) haben. Insect traps are sold out. We'll have some in next week.

Insekt {n}; Kerbtier {n} [zool.] [listen] insect [listen]

Insekten {pl}; Kerbtiere {pl} insects

Nutzinsekt {n} beneficial insect

Raubinsekt {n} predator insect; predatory insect

Schadinsekt {n} pest insect

Insektenfalle {f} insect trap

Insektenfallen {pl} insect traps

Insektenfänger {m} insect trapper

Insektenfänger {pl} insect trappers

Insektenfresser {m}; Entomophag {m} [zool.] insect-eater; insectivorous animal; insectivore

Insektenfresser {pl}; Entomophagen {pl} insect-eaters; insectivorous animals; insectivores

Insekten-Nisthilfe {f}; Insektenhaus {n}; Insektenkasten {m}; Insektenhotel {n}; Insektenquartier {n}; Nützlingshotel {n} [zool.] insect nesting box; insect house; insect hotel; insect condo [coll.]; bug home [coll.]

Insekten-Nisthilfen {pl}; Insektenhäuser {pl}; Insektenkästen {pl}; Insektenhotels {pl}; Insektenquartiere {pl}; Nützlingshotels {pl} insect nesting boxes; insect houses; insect hotels; insect condos; bug homes

Insektenschutzmittel {n} insect repellent

Insektenschutzmittel {pl} insect repellents

Insektenvolk {n} [zool.] colony of insects; insect colony

Insektenvölker {pl} colonies of insects; insect colonies

Insektenstich {m} insect sting; insect bite

Insektenstiche {pl} insect stings; insect bites

Ökologe {m}; Ökologin {f} [envir.] ecologist

Ökologen {pl}; Ökologinnen {pl} ecologists

Insektenökologe {m} insect ecologist

Phasmid {m} [zool.] phasmid; phasmid insect

Phasmiden {pl} phasmids; phasmid insects

Physiologe {m}; Physiologin {f} physiologist

Physiologen {pl}; Physiologinnen {pl} physiologists

Insektenphysiologe {m} insect physiologist

Plage {f} (massives, schädliches Auftreten einer Tierart) plague (of animals) [listen]

Heuschreckenplage {f} plague of locusts

Insektenplage {f} insect plague; plague of insects

Rattenplage {f} plague of rats

Schlangenplage {f} plague of snakes

Eine Eichhörnchenplage bedroht unsere Wälder. A plague of squirrels is threatening our forests.

Saugrüssel {m}; Rüssel {m} (Insekt) [anat.] [zool.] proboscis (insect)

Saugrüssel {pl}; Rüssel {pl} probosces

Schwarm {m} (Insekten) [zool.] swarm (of insects)

Schwärme {pl} swarms

Mückenschwarm {m} swarm of midges/gnats/mosquitos

Speiseinsekt {n} [agr.] edible insect

Speiseinsekten {pl} edible insects; insects as food

Stabheuschrecke {f}; Stabschrecke {f} [zool.] stick insect; stick bug; bug stick [Am.] [Can.]; walking stick

Stabheuschrecken {pl}; Stabschrecken {pl} stick insects; stick bugs; bug sticks; walking sticks

Stachel {m} (eines Insekts) [zool.] sting; stinger (of an insect) [listen]

Stacheln {pl} stings; stingers

Stich {m} (von einem Insekt/Tierstachel) [zool.] [listen] sting (from an insect or an animal's spine) [listen]

Stiche {pl} stings

Seeigelstich {m} sea urchin sting

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