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Absorberkammer {f} anechoic chamber

Absorberkammern {pl} anechoic chambers

Ätzkammer {f} etching chamber

Ätzkammern {pl} etching chambers

Ansaugluftsammler {m}; Plenumkammer {f} [auto] plenum chamber

Ansaugluftsammler {pl}; Plenumkammern {pl} plenum chambers

Anwaltskanzlei {f}; Rechtsanwaltskanzlei {f}; Kanzlei {f}; Rechtsanwaltsbüro {n}; Anwaltsfirma {f} [jur.] lawyer's office; law office; chamber(s) [Br.]; law firm [Am.] [listen]

Anwaltskanzleien {pl}; Rechtsanwaltskanzleien {pl}; Kanzleien {pl}; Rechtsanwaltsbüros {pl}; Anwaltsfirmen {pl} lawyer's offices; law offices; chambers; law firms

Gemeinschaftskanzlei [jur.] chambers [Br.]

eine Anstellung in einer Arztpraxis oder Anwaltskanzlei an employment at a doctor's or lawyer's office

Audienzzimmer {n} audience chamber

Audienzzimmer {pl} audience chambers

Augenkammer {f} [anat.] chamber (of the eye) [listen]

Augenkammern {pl} chambers

hintere Augenkammer posterior chamber

vordere Augenkammer anterior chamber

Ausbrennkammer {f} (Müllverbrennung) [envir.] burnout chamber (waste incineration)

Ausbrennkammern {pl} burnout chambers

Ausströmraum {m}; Diffusor {m} [auto] volute chamber; delivery space; diffuser

Ausströmräume {pl}; Diffusoren {pl} volute chambers; delivery spaces; diffusers

Abgasdiffusor {m} exhaust gas diffuser

Heckdiffusor {m} rear diffuser

Begasungskammer {f} [agr.] fumigation chamber

Begasungskammern {pl} fumigation chambers

Beschleunigungskammer {f} (Kerntechnik) accelerating chamber (nuclear engineering)

Beschleunigungskammern {pl} accelerating chambers

Blasenkammer {f} (Kerntechnik) [techn.] bubble chamber (nuclear engineering)

Blasenkammern {pl} bubble chambers

Dämpfmansarde {f} [textil.] steaming chamber

Dämpfmansarden {pl} steaming chambers

Druckkammer {f} pressure chamber

Druckkammern {pl} pressure chambers

Druckkammer {f} (einer Druckgießmaschine) (Gießerei) [techn.] pressure chamber; shot chamber (foundry)

Druckkammern {pl} pressure chambers; shot chambers

Druckraum {m} discharge chamber

Druckräume {pl} discharge chambers

Erznest {n}; Erztasche {f}; Nest {n} (geschlossenes Lager) [min.] nest of ore; chamber/pocket/kidney (of ore); ore brunch; ore pocket; ore shoot

Erznester {pl}; Erztaschen {pl}; Nester {pl} nests of ore; chambers/pockets/kidneys of ore; ore brunches; ore pockets; ore shoots

Flutzelle {f} (eines U-Boots) [naut.] flooding chamber (of a submarine)

Flutzellen {pl} flooding chambers

Folterkammer {f} torture chamber; torturechamber

Folterkammern {pl} torture chambers; torturechambers

Gaskammer {f} gas chamber

Gaskammern {pl} gas chambers

Gemach {n} [veraltet] chamber; room [listen] [listen]

Gemächer {pl} chambers; rooms

Geräteansaugkammer {f} mixing chamber

Geräteansaugkammern {pl} mixing chambers

Gerätekammer {f} instrument chamber; mechanical room

Gerätekammern {pl} instrument chambers; mechanical rooms

Gießkammer {f} shot chamber

Gießkammern {pl} shot chambers

Grabkammer {f} burial chamber; funerary chamber

Grabkammern {pl} burial chambers; funerary chambers

Handelskammer {f} chamber of commerce

Handelskammern {pl} chambers of commerce

Industrie- und Handelskammer /IHK/; Wirtschaftskammer {f} [Ös.] Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Internationale Handelskammer {f} International Chamber of Commerce /ICC/

Handwerkskammer {f} chamber of handicrafts

Handwerkskammern {pl} chambers of handicrafts

Heizraum {m}; Feuerraum {m} (eines Industrieofens) [techn.] combustion chamber (of a furnace)

Heizräume {pl}; Feuerräume {pl} combustion chambers

Hinrichtungsraum {m} execution chamber

Hinrichtungsräume {pl} execution chambers

Kammer {f}; kleines Zimmer {n} [listen] chamber; small room [listen]

Kammern {pl}; kleine Zimmer {pl} chambers; small rooms

Kammer {f} (Behörde; Organisation) [adm.] [listen] chamber [listen]

Kammern {pl} chambers

Finanzkammer {f} Chamber of Finance

die große Kammer des EuGH the grand chamber of the CJEU

Katalyseraum {m} (Raumfahrt) catalytic chamber (astronautics)

Katalyseräume {pl} catalytic chambers

Kesselverbrennungskammer {f} [techn.] boiler combustion chamber; boiler furnace

Kesselverbrennungskammern {pl} boiler combustion chambers; boiler furnaces

Klimakammer {f} climatic chamber; environmental chamber

Klimakammern {pl} climatic chambers; environmental chambers

Klimaprüfkammer {f} [techn.] climatic test chamber; climate chamber; environmental test chamber

Klimaprüfkammern {pl} climatic test chambers; climate chambers; environmental test chambers

Klimaschrank {m} climatic exposure test cabinet; climatic test cabinet; climatic cabinet; climatic chamber

Klimaschränke {pl} climatic exposure test cabinets; climatic test cabinets; climatic cabinets; climatic chambers

Kristallabscheider {m} crystallizing chamber

Kristallabscheider {pl} crystallizing chambers

Kurbelgehäuse {n} [techn.] crankcase; crank-chamber

Kurbelgehäuse {pl} crankcases; crank-chambers

Luftkammer {f}; Luftraum {m} air chamber; airspace

Luftkammern {pl}; Lufträume {pl} air chambers

Mischkammer {f} mixing chamber

Mischkammern {pl} mixing chambers

Nachbrennkammer {f} (Müllverbrennung) [envir.] secondary combustion chamber (waste incineration)

Nachbrennkammern {pl} secondary combustion chambers

Nachbrennkammer {f} (Kremationsofen) afterburning chamber (cremation furnace)

Nachbrennkammern {pl} afterburning chambers

Nachhallraum {m}; Hallraum {m}; Echoraum {m}; schallharter Raum {m} (Akustik) live room; reverberation room; reverberation chamber; echo chamber (acoustics)

Nachhallräume {pl}; Hallräume {pl}; Echoräume {pl}; schallharte Räume {pl} live rooms; reverberation rooms; reverberation chambers; echo chambers

Patronenkammer {f} (Schusswaffe) [mil.] cartridge chamber (gun)

Patronenkammern {pl} cartridge chambers

Patronenlager {n} (einer Schusswaffe) [mil.] firing chamber; chamber (of a gun) [listen]

Patronenlager {pl} firing chambers; chambers

mit Patronenlager für Standardpatronen (versehen) chambered for standard cartridges

minimal gebohrtes Patronenlager tight firing chamber

Patronenlager mit Vertiefung für den Geschosskopf recessed-head chamber; recessed chamber; counterbored chamber; countersunk chamber; embedded chamber; sealed chamber

vorne konisch eingesenktes Patronenlager chambered chamber

zurückgleitendes Patronenlager movable recoil chamber; floating chamber

zylindrisches Patronenlager straight-bored chamber

Übergangskegel; Übergangskonus zwischen Patronenlager und Laufseele forcing cone between firing chamber and barrel bore

Probenraum {m} (Labor) sample compartment; sample chamber

Probenräume {pl} sample compartments; sample chambers

Räucherkammer {f}; Selchkammer {f} [Ös.]; Selch {f} [Ös.] smoking chamber; smokehouse

Räucherkammern {pl}; Selchkammern {pl} smoking chambers; smokehouses

(kleiner) Revisionsschacht {m}; Wartungsschacht {m}; Kontrollschacht {m} (zu einer Rohrleitung) inspection chamber [Br.]; cleanout chamber [Am.]; access basin [Am.] (for a pipeline)

Revisionsschächte {pl}; Wartungsschächte {pl}; Kontrollschächte {pl} inspection chambers; cleanout chambers; access basins

Rußkammer {f} soot-chamber

Rußkammern {pl} soot-chambers

Salzsprühkammer {f} salt spray chamber

Salzsprühkammern {pl} salt spray chambers

Saugkammer {f} suction chamber

Saugkammern {pl} suction chambers

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