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15 results for anesthetic
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Narkosemaske {f} [med.] face mask for anaesthesia [Br.]/anesthesia [Am.]; anaesthetic mask [Br.]; anesthetic mask [Am.]

Narkosemasken {pl} face masks for anaesthesia/anesthesia; anaesthetic masks; anesthetic masks

Schimmelbusch'sche Narkosemaske Schimmelbusach's mask for anaesthesia/anesthesia

Betäubungsmittel {n}; Anästhetikum {n} [pharm.] [med.] anaesthetic [Br.]; anesthetic [Am.]

örtlich wirksames Betäubungsmittel; örtliches Betäubungsmittel; Lokalanästhetikum {n} local numbing agent; local anesthetic /LA/

Narkosegerät {n} [med.] anaesthetic apparatus [Br.]; anaesthetic machine [Br.]; anesthetic machine [Am.]

Narkosegeräte {pl} anaesthetic apparatuses; anaesthetic machines; anesthetic machines

Narkoserisiko {n} [med.] anaesthetic risk [Br.]; anesthetic risk [Am.]

Narkoserisiken {pl} anaesthetic risks; anesthetic risks

Narkosetisch {m} [med.] anaesthetic table [Br.]; anesthetic table [Am.]

Narkosetische {pl} anaesthetic tables; anesthetic tables

Lidocain {n} (Lokalanästhetikum) [pharm.] lidocaine; lignocaine; xylocaine (local anesthetic)

Narkoseeinleitung {f} [med.] anaesthetic induction [Br.]; anesthetic induction [Am.]

Narkosegas {n} [med.] anaesthetic gas [Br.]; anesthetic gas [Am.]

Narkoseindex {m} [med.] anaesthetic index [Br.]; anesthetic index [Am.]

schmerzausschaltend; betäubend; anästhetisch {adj} [med.] anaesthetic [Br.]; anesthetic [Am.]

Procain {n}; Prokain {n} (ein Lokalanästhetikum) [pharm.] procaine (a local anesthetic)

Äther {m}; Ether {m} [chem.] [pharm.] ether [listen]

Ethylether; Äthyläther; Diethyläther; Diethylether ethyl ether; diethyl ether; diethyl oxidee; ethyl oxide; sulfuric ether

Glykoläther {m}; Glykolether {m} glycol ether

Mischäther {m}; Mischether {m} mixed ether

Narkoseäther {m}; Narkoseether {m}; Anästhesieäther {m}; Anästhesieether {m} anaesthetic ether [Br.]; anesthetic ether [Am.]

Injizieren {n}; Injektion {f}; Spritzen {n} (eines Medikaments) [med.] injection (of a drug) [listen]

das Injizieren eines örtlichen Betäubungsmittels the injection of a local anesthetic

Intubationstubus {m}; Tubus {m} [med.] intubation tube

Narkosetubus; Trachealtubus anaesthetic airway [Br.]; anesthetic airway [Am.]; anaesthetic tube [Br.]; anesthetic tube [Am.]; tubus

Prämedikation {f}; medikamentöse Vorbehandlung {f} (mit etw.) [med.] premedication (with sth.)

Narkosevorbereitung {f}; Narkoseprämedikation {f} anaesthetic premedication [Br.]; anesthetic premedication [Am.]; anaesthesia premedication [Br.]; anesthesia premedication [Am.]
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