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10 similar results for Idiotin
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Similar words:
Idioten, Idiotie, Dioxin, Idiot, Idiotikon, Idiotyp
Similar words:
idiotic, dioxin, dioxin-containing, dioxin-loaded, idiot, idiots

Blödheit {f}; Idiotie {f} looniness

Dummheit {f}; Idiotie {f}; Dämlichkeit {f} asininity

Idiotie {f}; Schwachsinn {m} idiocy

blödsinnig; idiotisch {adj} [ugs.] (Sache) idiotic; dopey, dopy [Br.]; moronic (of a thing)

Blödmann {m}; Idiot {m}; Trottel {m}; Koffer {m}; Vollpfosten {m}; Vollhorst {m}; Vollkoffer {m} [Ös.]; Spast {m} [Jugendsprache]; Spasti {m} [Jugendsprache]; Kretin {m} [geh.] [veraltend] [pej.] [listen] [listen] dumbass; dumbarse [Br.]; dipwad; spastic; spazz; spaz; wally; muppet [Br.]; charlie [Br.] [slang] [pej.] [listen]

Blödmänner {pl}; Idioten {pl}; Trottel {pl}; Koffer {pl}; Vollpfosten {pl}; Vollhorste {pl}; Vollkoffer {pl}; Spasten {pl}; Spastis {pl}; Kretins {pl} [listen] [listen] dumbasses; dumbarses; dipwads; spastics; spazzs; spazs; wallies; muppets; charlies

Ich komme mir wie ein Vollpfosten vor. I feel a right charlie / a proper charlie. [Br.]

Dummkopf {m}; Schafskopf {m}; Holzkopf {m}; Torfkopf {m}; Torfnase {f}; Armleuchter {m}; Idiot {m} [pej.] [ugs.] [listen] blockhead; bonehead; lunkhead; hammerhead; knucklehead; muttonhead [coll.]; clodpole [dated]

Dummköpfe {pl}; Schafsköpfe {pl}; Holzköpfe {pl}; Torfköpfe {pl}; Torfnasen {pl}; Armleuchter {pl}; Idioten {pl} blockheads; bonehead; clodpoles

Idiot {m} idiot [listen]

Idioten {pl} idiots

nützlicher Idiot useful idiot

Idiot {m}; Blödmann {m}; Blödian {m}; Schwachkopf {m}; Halbdackel {m} [pej.] [ugs.] numskull; numbskull; dunce; dunderhead; douche; douchebag; douche bag; dickhead; thicko; berk [Br.] [slang]; hoser [Can.] [pej.] [coll.] [listen]

Idioten {pl}; Blödmänner {pl}; Blödiane {pl}; Schwachköpfe {pl}; Halbdackel {pl} numskulls; numbskulls; dunces; dunderheads; douches; douchebags; douche bags; dickheads; thickos; berks; hosers

lauter; alles {adj} (+ Substantiv im Plural) [ugs.] (durchweg) [listen] throughout (postpositive); all; lots of; nothing but (+ noun in the plural) [listen] [listen]

lauter nette Leute; alles nette Leute nice people throughout; all nice people

die einzige Frau unter lauter Männern the only woman among so many men

aus lauter kleinen Quadraten zusammengesetzt sein to be composed of lots of little squares

Bin ich denn von lauter Idioten umgeben? Am I completely surrounded by idiots?

In dem Film sind lauter talentierte Schauspieler zu sehen. There are nothing but talented actors in the film.

Sie macht lauter so dumme Sachen. She keeps doing these silly things.

Trottel {m}; Idiot {m} [listen] moron [listen]

Trottel {pl}; Idioten {pl} [listen] morons
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