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English Dictionary: warmest by the DICT Development Group
1 result for warmest
From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]:
   Warm \Warm\, a. [Compar. {Warmer}; superl. {Warmest}.] [AS.
      wearm; akin to OS., OFries., D., & G. warm, Icel. varmr, Sw.
      & Dan. varm, Goth. warmjan to warm; probably akin to Lith.
      virti to cook, boil; or perhaps to Skr. gharma heat, OL.
      formus warm. [?][?][?], [?][?][?].]
      1. Having heat in a moderate degree; not cold as, warm milk.
            [bd]Whose blood is warm within.[b8] --Shak.
                     Warm and still is the summer night.   --Longfellow.
      2. Having a sensation of heat, esp. of gentle heat; glowing.
      3. Subject to heat; having prevalence of heat, or little or
            no cold weather; as, the warm climate of Egypt.
      4. Fig.: Not cool, indifferent, lukewarm, or the like, in
            spirit or temper; zealous; ardent; fervent; excited;
            sprightly; irritable; excitable.
                     Mirth, and youth, and warm desire!      --Milton.
                     Each warm wish springs mutual from the heart.
                     They say he's warm man and does not care to be
                     mad[?] mouths at.                              --Addison.
                     I had been none of the warmest of partisans.
      5. Violent; vehement; furious; excited; passionate; as, a
            warm contest; a warm debate.
                     Welcome, daylight; we shall have warm work on't.
      6. Being well off as to property, or in good circumstances;
            forehanded; rich. [Colloq.]
                     Warm householders, every one of them. --W. Irving.
                     You shall have a draft upon him, payable at sight:
                     and let me tell you he as warm a man as any within
                     five miles round him.                        --Goldsmith.
      7. In children's games, being near the object sought for;
            hence, being close to the discovery of some person, thing,
            or fact concealed. [Colloq.]
                     Here, indeed, young Mr. Dowse was getting
                     [bd]warm,[b8] [?][?] children say at blindman's
                     buff.                                                --Black.
      8. (Paint.) Having yellow or red for a basis, or in their
            composition; -- said of colors, and opposed to cold which
            is of blue and its compounds.
      Syn: Ardent; zealous; fervent; glowing; enthusiastic;
               cordial; keen; violent; furious; hot.
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