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Similar words:
Andrew-Dateisystem, Andrew-Schnabelwal, San-Andreas-Graben, San-Andreas-Spalte, San-Andreas-Verwerfung
Similar words:
acorea, Andean, Andes, Andorra, antra, anuria, area, area-wide, G-area, Indre, mandrel, one-and-a-half-day, sub--area, two-and-a-half-day

Andrew-Schnabelwal {m} (Mesoplodon bowdoini) [zool.] Andrew's beaked whale; Bowdoin's beaked whale; deep-crest beaked whale; splay-toothed beaked whale

San-Andreas-Graben {m}; San-Andreas-Spalte {f}; San-Andreas-Verwerfung {f} [geogr.] San Andreas Fault; San Andreas Rift

Karibenvireo {m} [ornith.] St. Andrew vireo

Dateisystem {n} [comp.] file system

Dateisysteme {pl} file systems

Andrew-Dateisystem {n} Andrew File System /AFS/

Netz-Dateisystem {n} network file system

Extrem {n} extreme [listen]

Extreme {pl} extremes

extreme Hitze und Kälte extremes of heat and cold

ins andere Extrem verfallen to go to the other extreme

von einem ins andre Extrem fallen to go from one extreme to the other

einen Hang zum Extremen haben to run to extremes

am einen Ende der Skala ... und am anderen (Ende) at one extreme, ... and at the other (extreme)

Kreuz {n} [listen] cross [listen]

Kreuze {pl} crosses

Andreaskreuz {n} St. Andrew's cross; diagonal cross

Altarkreuz {n} [relig.] altar cross

Gedenkkreuz {n} memorial cross

Grabkreuz {n} [relig.] grave cross

Hochkreuz {n}; Keltenkreuz {n}; irisches Kreuz high cross; Celtic cross

Holzkreuz {n} wooden cross; wood cross

Kleeblattkreuz {n}; Lazaruskreuz {n}; Brabanterkreuz {n} cross bottony; botonny

Lothringerkreuz {n} cross of Lorraine

Malteserkreuz {m}; Johanniterkreuz {m} Maltese cross; Amalfi cross

Patriarchenkreuz {n}; Patriarchenhochkreuz {n}; Erzbischofskreuz {n}; spanisches Kreuz {n}; Doppelkreuz {n} [relig.] [listen] patriarchal cross

Sonnenkreuz {n} solar cross; sunwheel, Bolgar cross, Woden's cross

Wegkreuz {n} [relig.] (commemorative) wayside cross

baskisches Kreuz; Lauburu Basque cross; lauburu

etw. mit einem Kreuz kennzeichnen/markieren to mark sth. with a cross

Landesflagge {f}; Landesfahne {f}; Nationalflagge {f}; Nationalfahne {f} national flag

Landesflaggen {pl}; Landesfahnen {pl}; Nationalflaggen {pl}; Nationalfahnen {pl} national flags

die Flagge Großbritanniens the Union flag; the Union Jack (national flag of Great Britain)

die Flagge Schottlands the St Andrew's Cross; the Saltire (national flag of Scotland)

die Flagge der USA; das Sternenbanner the Stars and Stripes; the Star-spangled Banner (national flag of the USA)

die Flagge Kanadas the Maple Leaf (national flag of Canada)

Fregattenvögel {pl}; Fregattvögel {pl} (Fregata) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.] frigate birds; frigatebirds (zoological genus)

Adlerfregattvogel {m} (Fregata aquila) Ascension island frigatebird; Ascension frigatebird

Arielfregattvogel {m}; Kleiner Fregattvogel {m} (Fregata ariel) lesser frigatebird; least frigatebird

Bindenfregattvogel {m} (Fregata minor) great frigatebird; greater frigatebird; North Pacific man-o-war-bird

Prachtfregattvogel {m} (Fregata magnificens) magnificent frigatebird; Galapagos man-o-war-bird

Weißbauch-Fregattvogel {m} (Fregata andrewsi) Christmas Island frigatebird; Christmas frigatebird; Andrew's frigatebird
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