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English Dictionary: vicinity by the DICT Development Group
2 results for vicinity
From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]:
  1. a surrounding or nearby region; "the plane crashed in the vicinity of Asheville"; "it is a rugged locality"; "he always blames someone else in the immediate neighborhood"; "I will drop in on you the next time I am in this neck of the woods"
    Synonym(s): vicinity, locality, neighborhood, neighbourhood, neck of the woods
From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]:
   Vicinity \Vi*cin"i*ty\ (?; 277), n. [L. vicinitas, from vicinus
      neighboring, near, from vicus a row of houses, a village;
      akin to Gr. [?] a house, Skr. v[?][?]a a house, vi[?] to
      enter, Goth. weihs town: cf. OF. vicinit[82]. Cf. {Diocese},
      {Economy}, {Parish}, {Vicinage}, {Wick} a village.]
      1. The quality or state of being near, or not remote;
            nearness; propinquity; proximity; as, the value of the
            estate was increased by the vicinity of two country seats.
                     A vicinity of disposition and relative tempers.
                                                                              --Jer. Taylor.
      2. That which is near, or not remote; that which is adjacent
            to anything; adjoining space or country; neighborhood.
            [bd]The vicinity of the sun.[b8] --Bentley.
      Syn: Neighborhood; vicinage. See {Neighborhood}.
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