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English Dictionary: hardest by the DICT Development Group
1 result for hardest
From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]:
   Hard \Hard\, a. [Compar. {Harder}; superl. {Hardest}.] [{OE}.
      heard, AS. heard; akin to OS. & D. heard, G. hart, OHG.
      harti, Icel. har[?]r, Dan. haard, Sw. h[86]rd, Goth. hardus,
      Gr.[?] strong, [?], [?], strength, and also to E. -ard, as in
      coward, drunkard, -crat, -cracy in autocrat, democracy; cf.
      Skr. kratu strength, [?] to do, make. Cf. {Hardy}.]
      1. Not easily penetrated, cut, or separated into parts; not
            yielding to pressure; firm; solid; compact; -- applied to
            material bodies, and opposed to soft; as, hard wood; hard
            flesh; a hard apple.
      2. Difficult, mentally or judicially; not easily apprehended,
            decided, or resolved; as a hard problem.
                     The hard causes they brought unto Moses. --Ex.
                                                                              xviii. 26.
                     In which are some things hard to be understood. --2
                                                                              Peter iii. 16.
      3. Difficult to accomplish; full of obstacles; laborious;
            fatiguing; arduous; as, a hard task; a disease hard to
      4. Difficult to resist or control; powerful.
                     The stag was too hard for the horse.   --L'Estrange.
                     A power which will be always too hard for them.
      5. Difficult to bear or endure; not easy to put up with or
            consent to; hence, severe; rigorous; oppressive;
            distressing; unjust; grasping; as, a hard lot; hard times;
            hard fare; a hard winter; hard conditions or terms.
                     I never could drive a hard bargain.   --Burke.
      6. Difficult to please or influence; stern; unyielding;
            obdurate; unsympathetic; unfeeling; cruel; as, a hard
            master; a hard heart; hard words; a hard character.
      7. Not easy or agreeable to the taste; stiff; rigid;
            ungraceful; repelling; as, a hard style.
                     Figures harder than even the marble itself.
      8. Rough; acid; sour, as liquors; as, hard cider.
      9. (Pron.) Abrupt or explosive in utterance; not aspirated,
            sibilated, or pronounced with a gradual change of the
            organs from one position to another; -- said of certain
            consonants, as c in came, and g in go, as distinguished
            from the same letters in center, general, etc.
      10. Wanting softness or smoothness of utterance; harsh; as, a
            hard tone.
      11. (Painting)
            (a) Rigid in the drawing or distribution of the figures;
                  formal; lacking grace of composition.
            (b) Having disagreeable and abrupt contrasts in the
                  coloring or light and shade.
      {Hard cancer}, {Hard case}, etc. See under {Cancer}, {Case},
      {Hard clam}, [or] {Hard-shelled clam} (Zo[94]l.), the guahog.
      {Hard coal}, anthracite, as distinguished from bituminous or
            soft coal.
      {Hard and fast}. (Naut.) See under {Fast}.
      {Hard finish} (Arch.), a smooth finishing coat of hard fine
            plaster applied to the surface of rough plastering.
      {Hard lines}, hardship; difficult conditions.
      {Hard money}, coin or specie, as distinguished from paper
      {Hard oyster} (Zo[94]l.), the northern native oyster. [Local,
            U. S.]
      {Hard pan}, the hard stratum of earth lying beneath the soil;
            hence, figuratively, the firm, substantial, fundamental
            part or quality of anything; as, the hard pan of
            character, of a matter in dispute, etc. See {Pan}.
      {Hard rubber}. See under {Rubber}.
      {Hard solder}. See under {Solder}.
      {Hard water}, water, which contains lime or some mineral
            substance rendering it unfit for washing. See {Hardness},
      {Hard wood}, wood of a solid or hard texture; as walnut, oak,
            ash, box, and the like, in distinction from pine, poplar,
            hemlock, etc.
      {In hard condition}, in excellent condition for racing;
            having firm muscles;-said of race horses.
      Syn: Solid; arduous; powerful; trying; unyielding; stubborn;
               stern; flinty; unfeeling; harsh; difficult; severe;
               obdurate; rigid. See {Solid}, and {Arduous}.
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