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ferruginous duck
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English Dictionary: ferruginous duck by the DICT Development Group
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From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]:
      {Red chalk}. See under {Chalk}.
      {Red copper} (Min.), red oxide of copper; cuprite.
      {Red coral} (Zo[94]l.), the precious coral ({Corallium
            rubrum}). See Illusts. of {Coral} and {Gorgonlacea}.
      {Red cross}. The cross of St. George, the national emblem of
            the English.
      (b) The Geneva cross. See {Geneva convention}, and {Geneva
            cross}, under {Geneva}.
      {Red currant}. (Bot.) See {Currant}.
      {Red deer}. (Zo[94]l.)
      (a) The common stag ({Cervus elaphus}), native of the forests
            of the temperate parts of Europe and Asia. It is very
            similar to the American elk, or wapiti.
      (b) The Virginia deer. See {Deer}.
      {Red duck} (Zo[94]l.), a European reddish brown duck
            ({Fuligula nyroca}); -- called also {ferruginous duck}.
      {Red ebony}. (Bot.) See {Grenadillo}.
      {Red empress} (Zo[94]l.), a butterfly. See {Tortoise shell}.
      {Red fir} (Bot.), a coniferous tree ({Pseudotsuga Douglasii})
            found from British Columbia to Texas, and highly valued
            for its durable timber. The name is sometimes given to
            other coniferous trees, as the Norway spruce and the
            American {Abies magnifica} and {A. nobilis}.
      {Red fire}. (Pyrotech.) See {Blue fire}, under {Fire}.
      {Red flag}. See under {Flag}.
      {Red fox} (Zo[94]l.), the common American fox ({Vulpes
            fulvus}), which is usually reddish in color.
      {Red grouse} (Zo[94]l.), the Scotch grouse, or ptarmigan. See
            under {Ptarmigan}.
      {Red gum}, [or] {Red gum-tree} (Bot.), a name given to eight
            Australian species of {Eucalyptus} ({Eucalyptus
            amygdalina}, {resinifera}, etc.) which yield a reddish gum
            resin. See {Eucalyptus}.
      {Red hand} (Her.), a left hand appaum[82], fingers erect,
            borne on an escutcheon, being the mark of a baronet of the
            United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; -- called
            also {Badge of Ulster}.
      {Red herring}, the common herring dried and smoked.
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