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From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]:
   Entry \En"try\, n.; pl. {Entries}. [OE. entree, entre, F.
      entr[82]e, fr. entrer to enter. See {Enter}, and cf.
      1. The act of entering or passing into or upon; entrance;
            ingress; hence, beginnings or first attempts; as, the
            entry of a person into a house or city; the entry of a
            river into the sea; the entry of air into the blood; an
            entry upon an undertaking.
      2. The act of making or entering a record; a setting down in
            writing the particulars, as of a transaction; as, an entry
            of a sale; also, that which is entered; an item.
                     A notary made an entry of this act.   --Bacon.
      3. That by which entrance is made; a passage leading into a
            house or other building, or to a room; a vestibule; an
            adit, as of a mine.
                     A straight, long entry to the temple led. --Dryden.
      4. (Com.) The exhibition or depositing of a ship's papers at
            the customhouse, to procure license to land goods; or the
            giving an account of a ship's cargo to the officer of the
            customs, and obtaining his permission to land the goods.
            See {Enter}, v. t., 8, and {Entrance}, n., 5.
      5. (Law)
            (a) The actual taking possession of lands or tenements, by
                  entering or setting foot on them.
            (b) A putting upon record in proper form and order.
            (c) The act in addition to breaking essential to
                  constitute the offense or burglary. --Burrill.
      {Bill of entry}. See under {Bill}.
      {Double entry}, {Single entry}. See {Bookkeeping}.
      {Entry clerk} (Com.), a clerk who makes the original entries
            of transactions in a business.
      {Writ of entry} (Law), a writ issued for the purpose of
            obtaining possession of land from one who has unlawfully
            entered and continues in possession. --Bouvier.
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