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English Dictionary: CN by the DICT Development Group
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From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]:
   Cyanogen \Cy*an"o*gen\ (s?-?n"?-j?n), n. [Gr. ky`anos a dark
      blue substance + -gen: cf. F. cyanog[8a]ne. So called because
      it produced blue dyes.] (Chem.)
      A colorless, inflammable, poisonous gas, {C2N2}, with a
      peach-blossom odor, so called from its tendency to form blue
      compounds; obtained by heating ammonium oxalate, mercuric
      cyanide, etc. It is obtained in combination, forming an
      alkaline cyanide when nitrogen or a nitrogenous compound is
      strongly ignited with carbon and soda or potash. It conducts
      itself like a member of the halogen group of elements, and
      shows a tendency to form complex compounds. The name is also
      applied to the univalent radical, {CN} (the half molecule of
      cyanogen proper), which was one of the first compound
      radicals recognized.
      Note: Cyanogen is found in the commercial substances,
               potassium cyanide, or prussiate of potash, yellow
               prussiate of potash, Prussian blue, Turnbull's blue,
               prussic acid, etc.

From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (15Feb98) [foldoc]:
      The {country code} for China.
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