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12 results for cavala
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Atlantic mackerel Makrelen n.n.b. [EU] Scomber mackerels n.e.i. Peixes afins da cavala a.n.c.

Black scabbardfish Makrelenartige n.n.b. [EU] Black scabbardfish Peixes afins da cavala a.n.c. MKX

Hairtails, cutlassfishes, n.e.i. Spanische Makrele [EU] Hairtails, cutlassfishes, n.e.i. Cavala

Indian mackerels n.e.i. Makrelenartige n.n.b. [EU] Indian mackerels n.e.i. Peixes afins da cavala a.n.c.

Indische Zwergmakrele [EU] Chub mackerel Cavala do Índico

Mackerels n.e.i. Makrelenartige n.n.b. [EU] Mackerels n.e.i. Peixes afins da cavala a.n.c.

Makrelen der Art Scomber japonicus [EU] Cavala (Scomber japonicus)

Makrelen (Scomber colias, Scomber japonicus, Scomber scombrus), Filets, zubereitet oder haltbar gemacht [EU] Filetes de sarda e cavala, preparadas ou conservadas (Scomber scombrus, Scomber japonicus, Scomber colias)

Spanische Makrelen der Art [EU] Cavala da espécie

Tuna-like fishes n.e.i. [EU] Tuna-like fishes n.e.i. Cavala

von Makrelen (Scomber scombrus, Scomber australasicus, Scomber japonicus) und von Fischen der Art Orcynopsis unicolor [EU] De sardas, cavala-pintada e cavala-comum (Scomber scombrus, Scomber australasicus, Scomber japonicus) e da espécie Orcynopsis unicolor

Zubereitete oder haltbar gemachte Makrelen, ganz oder in Stücken, jedoch nicht fein zerkleinert [EU] Preparações e conservas de cavala, cavalinha e sarda (excepto picadas)

Sentences marked by [EU] derived from DGT Multilingual Translation Memory. The European Commission retains ownership of the copyright in the original data.
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