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Similar words:
Anti-Viren-Programm, Anti-Viren-Programme, DNS-Viren, Viren
Similar words:
A-wire, aired, airer, barb-!-wire, biomass-fired, bireme, cease-fire, cire, cire-perdue-process, dire, direr, dirhem, dog-tired, Eire, fire, fire-!-pit, fire-alarm, fire-alarms, fire-assaying, fire-bomber, fire-bombers

Überschreitung {f} (seiner Befugnisse) exceeding (your powers); acting ultra vires [listen]

Virenkapsid {n}; Kapsid {n}; Virencapsid {n}; Capsid {n} (Proteinhülle für das Erbmaterial bei Viren) [biochem.] viral capsid; capsid (protein shell enclosing the genetic material of viruses)

durch ein Virus verursacht; durch Viren verursacht [med.] caused by a virus / virusses; virogenetic

Gelbkehlvireo {m} (Vireo flavifrons) [ornith.] yellow-throated vireo

Rotaugenvireo {m} (Vireo olivaceus) [ornith.] red-eyed vireo

Bartvireo {m} [ornith.] black-whiskered vireo

Schwarzkopfvireo {m} [ornith.] black-capped vireo

Bairdvireo {m} [ornith.] cozumel vireo

Braunaugenvireo {m} [ornith.] Bell's vireo

Schiefervireo {m} [ornith.] slaty vireo

Karibenvireo {m} [ornith.] St. Andrew vireo

Gelbbindenvireo {m} [ornith.] Carmiol's vireo

Dickschnabelvireo {m} [ornith.] thick-billed vireo

Zitronenflankenvireo {m} [ornith.] yellow-green vireo

Sängervireo {m} (Vireo gilvus) [ornith.] warbling vireo

Weißaugenvireo {m} [ornith.] white-eyed vireo

Gundlachvireo {m} [ornith.] cuban vireo

Huttonvireo {m} [ornith.] Hutton's vireo

Goldbauchvireo {m} [ornith.] golden vireo

Braunscheitelvireo {m} [ornith.] puerto rican vireo

Braunkappenvireo {m} [ornith.] brown-capped vireo

Jamaikavireo {m} [ornith.] Jamaican white-eyed vireo

Yucatanvireo {m} [ornith.] Yucatan vireo

Schnäppervireo {m} [ornith.] flat-billed vireo

Zwergvireo {m} [ornith.] dwarf vireo

Osburnvireo {m} [ornith.] blue mountain vireo

Mangrovevireo {m} [ornith.] mangrove vireo

Schlichtvireo {m} [ornith.] philadelphia vireo

Graukopfvireo {m} [ornith.] solitary vireo

Grauvireo {m} [ornith.] grey vireo

Schieferkopfvireo {m} [ornith.] slaty-capped shrike vireo

Brustbandvireo {m} [ornith.] chestnut-sided shrike vireo

Smaragdvireo {m} [ornith.] green shrike vireo

Virenprüfung {f}; Überprüfung {f} auf Viren [comp.] virus checking

Virenprüfungen {pl} virus checkings

Virenschutzprogramm {n}; Antivirenprogramm {n}; Anti-Viren-Programm {n} [comp.] antivirus software; anti-virus software; virus protection program

Virenschutzprogramme {pl}; Antivirenprogramme {pl}; Anti-Viren-Programme {pl} antivirus software; anti-virus programs; virus protection programs

Virus {n}; Virus {m} [ugs.] [med.] virus [listen]

Viren {pl} viruses

abgeschwächtes Virus attenuated virus

adeno-assoziiertes Virus adeno-associated virus

amphotropes Virus amphotropic virus

aviäres Virus; Virus, das bei Vögeln auftritt avian virus

bakterienpathogenes Virus bacterial virus

Croup-assoziiertes Virus croup-associated virus

dermatotropes Virus; dermotropes Virus dermotropic virus

DNS-Viren DNA viruses

Epstein-Barr-Virus Epstein-Barr virus; EB virus /EBV/

humanpathogene Viren human pathogenic viruses

humanes Cytomegalie-Virus human cytomegaly virus /HCMV/

humane Papillomviren/Papillomaviren /HPV/ human papillomaviruses /HPV/

Impfvirus {n} vaccination virus

karyotropes Virus karyotropic virus

krebsauslösendes Virus; onkogenes Virus cancer-producing virus; oncogenic virus

langsames Virus slow virus

mesogenes Virus mesogenic virus

neurotropes Virus neurotropic virus

nicht filtrierbares Virus filter-passing virus; non-filterable virus; non-filtrable virus

respiratorisches Synzytial-Virus; RS-Virus respiratory syncitial virus

Retrovirus {n} retrovirus

synzytiales Virus syncytial virus

tierisches Virus animal virus

Varizella-Zoster-Virus {n} varicella zoster virus

Wildvirus {n} wild virus; live virus
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