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Diskussionsleiter {m}; Redeleiter {m}; Moderator {m}; Koordinator {m} [soc.] moderator; facilitator; anchorman [Am.]; anchor [Am.] [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen]

Diskussionsleiter {pl}; Redeleiter {pl}; Moderatoren {pl}; Koordinatoren {pl} moderators; facilitators; anchormen; anchors

Moderator eines Onlineforums moderator of an online forum

Anker {m} anchor [listen]

Anker {pl} anchors

den Anker lichten to weigh anchor; to pull anchor

den Anker werfen drop anchor

vor Anker liegen to lie at anchor; to ride at anchor

den Anker schlippen to slip anchor

Anker gelichtet; Anker ist frei anchor aweigh

Anker mit Überlänge anchor with overhang

Den Anker lichten! Anchors away!

Ankerschraube {f}; Anker {m} [techn.] anchor bolt; anchor [listen]

Ankerschrauben {pl}; Anker {pl} anchor bolts; anchors

Gebirgssanker {m} rock bolt

Hinterschnitt-Schlaganker {m} undercut expanding anchor; undercut anchor

Keilhülsenanker {m} wedge-type expansion anchor; wedge anchor

Spreizanker {m} self-anchoring expansion bolt; expansion anchor

Verbundanker {m}; Klebeanker {m}; Reibungsanker {m} bonded anchor; adhesive anchor; chemical anchor

verankern {vt} to anchor [listen]

verankernd anchoring

verankert anchored

verankert anchors

verankerte anchored

nicht verankert unanchored

ankern {vi} [naut.] to anchor [listen]

ankernd anchoring

geankert anchored

ankert anchors

ankerte anchored

etw. verankern; fixieren; immobilisieren {vt} [biochem.] (Enzyme, Bakterien) [listen] to anchor sth.; to immobilize sth.; to immobilise sth. [Br.] (enzymes, bacteria)

verankernd; fixierend; immobilisierend anchoring; immobilizing; immobilising

verankert; fixiert; immobilisiert anchored; immobilized; immobilised

verankerter Biokatalysator; immobilisierter Biokatalysator anchored biocatalyst; immobilized biocatalyst

immobilisierter pH-Gradient immobilized pH gradient

Ankerkopf {m} anchor head

Ankerköpfe {pl} anchor heads

kugeliger Ankerkopf shaped anchor head

Ankerloch {n} anchor hole

Ankerlöcher {pl} anchor holes

Ankerlöcher sind auf der Baustelle zu bohren. Anchor holes must be drilled at the building site.

Fixpunkt {m}; Verankerung {f} (Klettern) [sport] anchor (climbing) [listen]

Fixpunkte {pl}; Verankerungen {pl} anchors

bombensicherer Fixpunkt bombproof anchor; bomber

Ankerbohrgerät {n} anchor boring rig

Ankerbohrgeräte {pl} anchor boring rigs

Ankerboje {f} [naut.] anchor buoy

Ankerbojen {pl} anchor buoys

Ankerbolzen {m} [constr.] anchor bolt; anchor rod; anchor pin

Ankerbolzen {pl} anchor bolts; anchor rods; anchor pins

Ankerkasten {m} anchor locker

Ankerkästen {pl} anchor lockers

Ankerplatte {f} anchor plate

Ankerplatten {pl} anchor plates

Ankerpunkt {m} anchor point

Ankerpunkte {pl} anchor points

Ankerring {m} anchor ring

Ankerringe {pl} anchor rings

Ankerschiene {f} anchor bar

Ankerschienen {pl} anchor bars

Ankersegment {n} anchor segment

Ankersegmente {pl} anchor segments

Ankertasche {m} [naut.] anchor pocket

Ankertaschen {pl} anchor pockets

Ankertau {n} [naut.] anchor rope

Ankertaue {pl} anchor ropes

Ankertrosse {f} anchor cable

Ankertrossen {pl} anchor cables

Befestigungsbohrung {f} anchor point

Befestigungsbohrungen {pl} anchor points

Steinschraube {f}; Ankerschraube {f} [techn.] anchor screw

Steinschrauben {pl}; Ankerschrauben {pl} anchor screws

Verankerungseisen {n} anchor bar

Verankerungseisen {pl} anchor bars

Verankerungsteil {n} anchor element

Verankerungsteile {pl} anchor elements

Ankerelement {n} [techn.] anchor element

Ankerelemente {pl} anchor elements

Ankerflansch {m} [techn.] anchor flange

Ankerflansche {pl} anchor flanges

Absatzmagnet {n} anchor tenant

Ankerkörper {m} anchor body; anker body

Ankerlänge {f} anchor length

Ankermieter {m} anchor tenant

Ankerpflanze {f} (Colletia paradoxa/Colletia cruciata) [bot.] anchor plant; crucifixion thorn

Ankersatz {m} anchor record

Ankertragfähigkeit {f}; Ankertragkraft {f} anchor capacity

Verankerungstiefe {f} anchor depth

Zurrpunkt {m} (LKW) [transp.] [auto] anchor point (on a lorry)

durchlaufende Ankerwand {f} anchor wall

Ankergeschirr {n} [techn.] anchor [listen]

Ankerkreis {m} [techn.] anchor circle

Ankermaterial {n} [techn.] anchor material

Ankerwickelei {f} [techn.] anchor coiling

Ankerwicklerei {f} [techn.] anchor coiler

etw. moderieren {vt} (TV-Sendung) to host sth.; to present sth. [Br.]; to compere sth. [Br.]; to anchor sth. [Am.]; to emcee sth. [Am.]

moderierend hosting; presenting; compering; anchoring; emceeing [listen]

moderiert hosted; presented; comperred; anchorred; emceed [listen] [listen]

Er moderiert die 6-Uhr-Nachrichten. He presents [Br.] / anchors [Am.] the 6 o'clock news.

Durch die Sendung führt John Archer. The show is hosted / compered [Br.] / emceed [Am.] by John Archer.

Wer wird moderieren? [TV] Who will host the programme [Br.] / program [Am.]?

Ankerhemmung {f}; Ankergang {m} (Uhr) lever escapement; anchor escapement; recoil escapement; escapement mechanism (timepiece)

englische Ankerhemmung ratchet tooth escapement

Ankerhemmung in gerader Linie straight-line escapement; straight-line lever escapement; clubtooth lever escapement

Graham-Hemmung {f}; ruhender Ankergang {m} dead-beat escapement

Ankerhemmung mit Doppelrolle double roller escapement

Wanddübel {m}; Dübel {m} [constr.] wall plug [Br.]; screw anchor [Am.]; dowel

Wanddübel {pl}; Dübel {pl} wall plugs; screw anchors; dowels

Federklappdübel {m}; Kippdübel {m} spring toggle; toggle plug [Br.]; toggle bolt [Am.]

Hohlwanddübel {m} hollow wall plug [Br.]; hollow wall anchor [Am.]

Spreizdübel {m} straddling dowel

Reede {f} safe anchorage; roadstead; road; roads [listen]

auf Reede liegen to be lying in the roads; to ride at anchor

Das Schiff liegt auf der Reede. The ship is lying at anchor.; The ship is lying in the roads.

Angussziehstift {m}; Angusszieher {m}; Angussabreißer {m} (Spritzgießen) [techn.] sprue puller; anchor (injection moulding) [listen]

Angussziehstifte {pl}; Angusszieher {pl}; Angussabreißer {pl} sprue pullers; anchors

Ankerkette {f} chain cable; anchor chain

Ankerketten {pl} chain cables; anchor chain

Ankerschuhhaube {f} [mach.] protective hood of anchor head

Ankerschuhhauben {pl} protective hoods of anchor head

Blechanker {m} sheet anchor

Blechanker {pl} sheet anchors

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