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Miete {f} (Lagerform) [agr.] [listen] clamp [listen]

Mieten {pl} pits; clamps

Kartoffelmiete {f} potato clamp

Haufen {m} [listen] clamp [listen]

losbinden {vt} to unclamp

losbindend unclamping

losgebunden unclamped

bindet los unclamps

band los unclamped

Klemmbacke {f}; Spannbacke {f}; Einspannbacke {f} [techn.] gripping jaw; clamping jaw; clamp jaw; chuck jaw

Klemmbacken {pl}; Spannbacken {pl}; Einspannbacken {pl} gripping jaws; clamping jaws; clamp jaws; chuck jaws

Klemmbacke mit Hülse clamp jaw with sleeve

Klemmbacke mit Längsrippen clamp jaw with longitudinal ribs

Darmklemme {f} [med.] intestinal clamp; intestinal forceps

Darmklemmen {pl} intestinal clamps; intestinal forcepses

weichfassende Darmklemme; Payr'sche Darmklemme intstinal crushing clamp; Payr's clamp

Spanneisen {n} [techn.] clamp [listen]

Spanneisen {pl} clamps

gekröpftes Spanneisen goose-neck clamp

(ein Blutgefäß usw.) abklemmen {vt} [med.] to clamp off; to clamp; to put a clamp on (a blood vessel etc.) [listen]

abklemmend clamping off; clamping; putting a clamp [listen]

abgeklemmt clamped off; clamped; put a clamp

Einschraubventil {n} clamp-in valve; metal clamp-in valve

Einschraubventile {pl} clamp-in valves; metal clamp-in valves

Feststellschraube {f}; Stellschraube {f}; Klemmschraube {f}; Schaftschraube {f} [techn.] set screw; attachment screw; binding screw; locking screw; check screw; clamping screw; clamp bolt

Feststellschrauben {pl}; Stellschrauben {pl}; Klemmschrauben {pl}; Schaftschrauben {pl} set screws; attachment screws; binding screws; locking screws; check screws; clamping screws; clamp bolts

Klemmanschluss {m} für Kabelbrüche [electr.] clamp for cables

Klemmanschlüsse {pl} für Kabelbrüche clamps for cables

Klemme {f} (mechanisch) clamp; clip [listen] [listen]

Klemmen {pl} clamps; clips

Spannbacke {f} (beim Stumpfschweißen) clamp (for butt-welding) [listen]

Spannbacken {pl} clamps

U-Klemme {f} U-clamp

U-Klemmen {pl} U-clamps

Zangenamperemeter {n}; Zangenstrommesser {m}; Zangenanleger {m}; Stromzangenmultimeter {n}; Strommesszange {f}; Stromzange {f}; Anlegestromwandler {m} [electr.] clamp-on ammeter; clip-on ammeter; clamp-on probe; hook-on meter; clamp meter; current clamp; tong-test ammeter; tong-test instrument; tong tester

Zangenamperemeter {pl}; Zangenstrommesser {pl}; Zangenanleger {pl}; Stromzangenmultimeter {pl}; Strommesszangen {pl}; Stromzangen {pl}; Anlegestromwandler {pl} clamp-on ammeters; clip-on ammeters; clamp-on probes; hook-on meters; clamp meters; current clamps; tong-test ammeters; tong-test instruments; tong testers

Zwinge {f} cramp [Br.]; clamp [Am.]; ferrule; tip; holder [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen]

Zwingen {pl} cramps; clamps; ferrules; tips; holders [listen]

Klemmbüchse {f} clamp [listen]

Schelle {f} (für Kabel) clamp; clamping strap [listen]

Befestigungsmutter {f} [techn.] clamp nut; securing nut; fixture nut

Befestigungsmuttern {pl} clamp nuts; securing nuts; fixture nuts

Klemmarmatur {f} (Schlauch) clamp fitting; segment fitting (hose)

Klemmarmaturen {pl} clamp fittings; segment fittings

Klemmenbezeichnung {f} clamp designation

Klemmenbezeichnungen {pl} clamp designations

Klemmhalter {m}; Klemmhalterung {f} clamp mounting

Klemmhalter {pl}; Klemmhalterungen {pl} clamp mountings

Klemmhülse {f} split tubular clip; clamp sleeve

Klemmhülsen {pl} split tubular clips; clamp sleeves

Spannbügel {m}; Spannzwinge {f} [techn.] clamp clip

Spannbügel {pl}; Spannzwingen {pl} clamp clips

Klaviersaitendraht {m} [mus.] clamp strap

Klemmband {n}; Klemmbefestigung {f} [techn.] clamp fitting

Rohrlager {n} (Aufhängung) [techn.] clamp base

Schalenarmatur {f} für Schläuche clamp fitting; segment fitting

Schließkraft {f} clamp force

Einbindesystem {n} [techn.] clamp system

Bügelklemme {f} (U-förmig) U-clamp terminal
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