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69 similar results for Índia
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Similar words:
andin, Cydia-Wickler, Dia, Dia-Betrachter, Indiz, Inia, Intima-Media-Dicke
Similar words:
India, pride-of-India, anoia, cross-media, Indian, media, media-savvy, media..., one-and-a-half-day, podia, two-and-a-half-day, undid

öffentliches Anbaggern {n} (von Frauen) [soc.] eve-teasing [India]

Bhangra {m} (Punjabi-Volkstanz/Volksmusik; heute mit Popmusik vermischt) Bhangra [India]

Charpai {n} (pritschenartiges Bett in Indien) charpaya; charpoy; cot [India] [coll.] [listen]

Dünndruckausgabe {f}; Dünndruck {m} [print] thin paper edition; India paper edition

Dünndruckpapier {n}; Japanpapier {n}; Chinapapier {n}; Bibeldruckpapier {n} [print] thin printing paper; airmail paper; India paper; bible paper; banknote paper [Br.]; onionskin paper [Am.]

Eigentumsübergang {m} [jur.] passing/passage/devolution of ownership/property; passing/passage/devolution of title (to land); mutation (in India) [listen]

Fenchel {m} [bot.] fennel; saunf [India] [listen]

Frauen-Anbaggerer {m}; Anbaggerer {m} [soc.] eve-teaser [India]

Hindi {n} (Amtssprache in Indien) [ling.] Hindi (official language in India)

Südostasiatische Halbinsel {f}; Halbinsel {f} Hinterindien [veraltet]; Hinterindische Halbinsel {f} [veraltet] [geogr.] (peninsula of) Southeast Asia; Farther India; Ultraindia

Witwenverbrennung {f} [relig.] suttee; sati [India]

Indischer Zedrachbaum {m}; Zedrachbaum {m}; Paternosterbaum {m}; Pagodenbaum {m}; Persischer Flieder {m}; Chinesischer Holunder {m} (Melia azedarach) [bot.] chinaberry tree; syringa berrytree; pagoda tree; umbrella tree; Texas umbrella; Persian lilac; Indian lilac; Pride of India

Indien {n} /IN/ (Kfz: /IND/) [geogr.] India [listen]

Mumbai; Bombay (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Mumbai; Bombay (city in India)

Kalkutta {n} (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Calcutta (city in India)

Neu Delhi (Hauptstadt von Indien) [geogr.] New Delhi (capital of India)

Chennai; Madras (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Chennai; Madras (city in India)

Haiderabad (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Hyderabad (city in India)

Bangalore (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Bangalore (city in India)

Ahmadabad (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Ahmadabad (city in India)

Pune; Poona (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Pune; Poona (city in India)

Lucknow (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Lucknow (city in India)

Kanpur (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Kanpur (city in India)

Surat (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Surat (city in India)

Jaipur (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Jaipur (city in India)

Nagpur (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Nagpur (city in India)

Ludhiana (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Ludhiana (city in India)

Vadodara; Baroda (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Vadodara; Baroda (city in India)

Bhopal (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Bhopal (city in India)

Vishakhpatnam; Visakhpatnam (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Vishakhpatnam; Visakhpatnam (city in India)

Indore (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Indore (city in India)

Coimbatore (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Coimbatore (city in India)

Patna (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Patna (city in India)

Varanasi (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Varanasi (city in India)

Madurai (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Madurai (city in India)

Cochin (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Cochin (city in India)

Meerut (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Meerut (city in India)

Asansol (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Asansol (city in India)

Vijayawada (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Vijayawada (city in India)

Agra (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Agra (city in India)

Calicut; Kozhikode (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Calicut; Kozhikode (city in India)

Nashik; Nasik (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Nashik; Nasik (city in India)

Allahabad (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Allahabad (city in India)

Trivandrum (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Trivandrum (city in India)

Jabalpur (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Jabalpur (city in India)

Jamshedpur (Stadt in Indien) [geogr.] Jamshedpur (city in India)

Assam (Bundesstaat Indiens) [geogr.] Assam (state in India)

Gujarat (Bundesstaat in Indien) [geogr.] Gujarat (state in India)

Dekkan-Trapp {m} (Indien) [geogr.] Deccan Traps (India)

Maharishi {m} (geistl. Würdenträger oder weiser Mann in Indien) [relig.] Maharishi (spiritual leader or wise man in India)

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