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abschliessen concluir; fechar; fechar à chave

Autoschlüssel {m} chave do carro

Code {m} códico {m}; chave {f}

Doppelmaulschlüssel {m} [mach.] chave {f} de duas bocas

Einstellschlüssel {m} chave {f} de boca variável

Engländer {m} chave {f} de boca variável

flach (Einfallen) [geol.] [listen] (inclinação) fraca; suave; sub-horizontal

Franzose {f} chave {f} de boca variável

Keller {m} [listen] adega; cave (a); porão; subsolo

Laufvogel {m} [ornith.] ave {n} corredora

Maulschlüssel, Gabelschlüssel {m} chave de boca {f} [Br.]

Maulschlüssel, Gabelschlüssel {m} [techn.] chave de boca {f} [Br.]

Maulschlüssel {m} [mach.] chave {f} de porca

mild [listen] suave; temperada; temperado

Mutternschlüssel {m} chave {f} de porca

Nachtvogel {m} ave nocturna

Notenschlüssel {m} clave

Rohrschlüssel {m} chave {f} de tubos

Schraubenschlüssel {m} [listen] chave de boca; chave de parafusos

Schraubenschlüssel {m} [listen] chave {f} de tirafundos

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