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Abend {m} [listen] evening; eve; eventide [listen] [listen]

Abende {pl} evenings

Freitagabend {m} Friday evening

am Abend in the evening

Abendkasse {f}; Kasse {f}; Abendkassa {f} [Ös.]; Kassa {f} [Ös.] (Theater; Kino) [listen] evening box office; box office

Abendkassen {pl}; Kassen {pl}; Abendkassa {pl}; Kassa {pl} evening box offices; box offices

an der Abendkasse/Abendkassa at the (evening) box office; at the door [listen]

abends {adv} in the evening

montagabends on Monday evenings

Vorabend {m} evening before; eve [listen]

Vorabende {pl} eves

Abendstunde {f} evening hour

Abendstunden {pl} evening hours

in den frühen Abendstunden des 10. Juni in the early evening hours of June 10

Lebensabend {m} evening of life

Lebensabende {pl} evenings of life

sein Lebensabend the twilight of his life; his twilight years

Abendausgabe {f} (Zeitung) evening edition

Abendausgaben {pl} evening editions

Abendgottesdienst {m} [relig.] evening service

Abendgottesdienste {pl} evening services

Abendkarte {f} [cook.] evening menu

Abendkarten {pl} evening menus

Abendkleid {n}; Abendgarderobe {f}; Abendrobe {f} evening dress

Abendkleider {pl} evening dresses

Abendkurs {m} evening class; evening course

Abendkurse {pl} evening classes; evening courses

Abendschule {f}; Abendgymnasium {n} [school] evening classes; night school

Abendschulen {pl}; Abendgymnasien {pl} evening classes; night schools

Abendstudium {n} [stud.] evening course

Abendstudien {pl} evening courses

Nachtessen {n} evening meal

Nachtessen {pl} evening meals

Nachtgebet {n} [relig.] evening prayer; bedtime prayer (children)

Nachtgebete {pl} evening prayers; bedtime prayers

Abendandacht {f} Evening prayer

Abendandacht {f}; Abendgottesdienst {m} [relig.] Evening prayer; evensong

Abendanzug {m} evening suit; dress suit

Abendarbeit {f} evening work

Abendgebet {n} evening prayer

Abendkleidung {f} evening wear

Abendluft {f} evening air

Abendmahlzeit {f} evening meal

Abendmesse {f}; Abendgottesdienst {m} [relig.] evening mass

Abendmode {f} evening fashion

Abendnachrichten {pl} evening news

Abendpost {f} evening mail

Abendprogramm {n} (TV; Radio) evening programme

Abendstern {m} [astron.] evening star

Abendvorstellung {f} evening performance

Abendwind {m} evening breeze

Abendzeit {f} evening [listen]

Abendzeitung {f} evening paper; evening newspaper

Nachtkerzen {pl} (Oenothera) (botanische Gattung) [bot.] evening primroses; suncups; sundrops (botanical genus)

Nachtkerzengewächse {pl} (Onagraceae) (botanische Familie) [bot.] evening primrose family (botanical family)

Übungsabend {m}; Perfektionsabend {m}; Perfektion {f} [ugs.] (in der Tanzschule) evening practice session (in the dancing school)

abendlich {adj} evening ... [listen]

Abendluft {f} evening breeze

Abendkernbeißer {m} [ornith.] evening grosbeak

Abendessen {n}; Abendbrot {n}; Nachtmahl {n} [Ös.]; Nachtessen {n} [Ös.]; Znacht {n} [Schw.]; Gute-Nacht-Imbiss {m} (in Großbritannien) [listen] [listen] supper; evening meal [listen]

Abendessen {pl} [listen] suppers

Abendbrot essen to have (one's) supper; to have one's evening meal

Abendbrot essen; zu Abend essen to have tea [Sc.]

Abendessen inbegriffen evening meal included

Abendblatt {n} daily evening paper

Abendblätter {pl} daily evening papers

Abenddämmerung {f}; Dämmerung {f}; Dämmer {m} [poet.] [geogr.] [phys.] dusk; evening twilight; twilight; gloaming [Sc.] [poet.] [listen] [listen]

in der Dämmerung at dusk; at nightfall

Festabend {m} festive evening

Festabende {pl} festive evenings

Grillabend {m} barbecue evening

Grillabende {pl} barbecue evenings

Heimatabend {m} folkloric evening

Heimatabende {pl} folkloric evenings

Kameradschaftsabend {m} [soc.] crew evening

Kameradschaftsabende {pl} crew evenings

Spätschicht {f}; Spätdienst {m} swing shift; late shift; evening shift; backshift

Spätschichten {pl}; Spätdienste {pl} swing shifts; late shifts; evening shifts; backshifts

Tanzabend {m} dancing party; evening dance

Tanzabende {pl} dancing parties

Volkshochschule {f} /VHS/ [school] adult evening classes; adult education center; adult education program

Volkshochschulen {pl} adult evening classes; adult education centers

Abendstille {f} quiet of the evening

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