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(eine Immobilie) vermieten {vt} (an jdn.) [listen] to let {let; let} [Br.]; to rent; to rent out [Am.] (real property) (to sb.) [listen] [listen]

vermietend letting; renting (out) [listen]

vermietet let; rented (out) [listen]

etw. vermieten; etw. verpachten to let sth. on a lease

"Zu vermieten" "To let"

Im Erdgeschoss ist eine Wohnung zu vermieten. There's an apartment for rent on the first floor. [Am.]

Wir vermieten unsere Wohnung jedes Jahr an Touristen. We rent out our apartment to tourists every year

(bewegliche Sachen) vermieten {vt} (an jdn.) [listen] to hire out [Br.] (movable property); to let sth. (out) on hire [Br.]; to rent sth. [Am.] (to sb.)

vermietend hiring out; letting on hire; renting

vermietet hired out; let on hire; rented

Das Hotel vermietet auch Boote an die Gäste. The hotel also hires/rents out boats to guests.

vermieten; verpachten; leasen {vt} (an) [listen] to lease out (to)

vermietend; verpachtend; leasend leasing out

vermietet; verpachtet; geleast leased out