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Sie sind verduftet. They disappeared into thin air.

türmen; abhauen; verduften {vi} [ugs.] to bunk; to head for the hills; to take to the woods; to scarper [Br.] [coll.] [listen]

türmend; abhauend; verduftend bunking; scarpering

getürmt; abgehauen; verduftet bunked; scarpered

türmt; haut ab; verduftet bunks; scarpers

türmte; haute ab; verduftete bunked; scarpered

verduften {vi}; Leine ziehen {vi} [ugs.] to vamoose [Am.] [slang]

verduftend vamoosing

verduftet vamoosed

verduftet; zieht leine vamooses

verduftete; zog Leine vamoosed

verduften {vi} [ugs.] to beat it

verduftend beating it

verduftet beaten it

verduftet beats it

verduftete beat it

verduften {vi} [ugs.]; türmen {vi} (vor) to duck (from) [listen]

verduftend; türmend ducking

verduftet; getürmt ducked