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5 results for pratensis
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Wiesenpieper {m} (Anthus pratensis) [ornith.] meadow pipit

Pastinaken {pl} (Pastinaca) (botanische Gattung) [bot.] parsnips (botanical genus)

Gewöhnlicher Pastinak {m}; Gemeine Pastinake {f} (Pastinaca sativa) common parsnip

Wiesenpastinak {m}; Wiesenpastinake {f} (Pastinaca sativa subsp. sativa var. pratensis) wild parsnip

Gemüsepastinak {m}; Gemüsepastinake {f}; Gartenpastinak {m}; Gartenpastinake {f} (Pastinaca sativa subsp. sativa var. sativa) cultivated parsnip; garden parsnip

Rispengräser {pl} (Poa) (botanische Gattung) [bot.] meadow-grasses; speargrasses; bluegrasses [Am.]; tussocks [NZ] (botanical genus)

Wiesenrispengras {n} (Poa pratensis) common meadow-grass; smooth meadow-grass; Kentucky bluegrass

Schwingelgräser {pl}; Schwingel {pl} (Festuca) (botanische Gattung) [bot.] fescue grasses; fescues (botanical genus)

Alpenschwingel {m} (Festuca alpina) Alpine fescue

Amethyst-Schwingel {m} (Festuca amethystina) tufted fescue

Apenninenschwingel {m}; Apenninschwingel {m} (Festuca apennina) Apennine fescue

Bärenfellschwingel {m}; Bärenfellgras {n} (Festuca gautieri / Festuca scoparia) bearskin fescue; spiky fescue

Blauschwingel {m} (Festuca cinerea) blue fescue

Buntschwingel {m} (Festuca bosniaca) Bosnian fescue

Felsenschwingel {m} (Festuca halleri) Haller's fescue

Gämsenschwingel {m} (Festuca rupicaprina) chamois fescue

Goldschwingel {m} (Festuca paniculata) East Alpine violet fescue

Riesenschwingel {m} (Festuca gigantea) giant fescue

Rohrschwingel {m} (Festuca arundinacea) tall fescue

Rotschwingel {m} (Festuca rubra) creeping red fescue; red fescue

Schafschwingel {m} (Festuca ovina) sheep's fescue; sheep fescue

Schwärzlicher Schwingel {m}; Dunkelvioletter Schwingel {m}; Violetter Schwingel {m} (Festuca nigricans / Festuca puccinellii) chewings fescue

Waldschwingel {m} (Festuca altissima) wood fescue

Wiesenschwingel {m} (Festuca pratensis) meadow fescue

Teufelsabbisse {pl}; Teufelsbisse {pl} (Succisa) (botanische Gattung) [bot.] devil's-bits (botanical genus)

Gewöhnliche Teufelsabbiss; Gewöhnlicher Teufelsbiss; Teufelswurz (Succisa pratensis) common devil's-bit; devil's-bit scabious
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