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(mit jdm.) mitsingen {vi} [mus.] to join (sb.) in singing; to join (with sb.) in singing; to sing along

mitsingend joining in singing; singing along

mitgesungen joined in singing; singed along

Sing mit, wenn du den Text kennst. Sing along if you know the words.

zu etw. mitsingen {vi} [mus.] to sing along to sth.

Sie sang zum Radio mit.; Sie sang zum Radio. She was singing along to the radio.

singen {vi} [mus.] to sing {sang; sung} [listen]

singend singing

gesungen sung

er/sie singt he/she sings

ich/er/sie sang I/he/she sang

wir/sie sangen we/they sang

er/sie hat/hatte gesungen he/she has/had sung

ich/er/sie sänge I/he/she would sing

sauber singen; rein singen; richtig singen to sing in tune

falsch singen to sing out of tune; to sing off-pitch; to sing off-key

hoch singen to sing treble

mehrstimmig singen to sing in parts; to sing in harmony

in einem Chor singen / mitsingen [ugs.] to sing in a choir

Sing mal etwas Schönes! Why don't you sing something pretty?