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etw. mitessen {vt} (genauso wie das Übrige essen) [cook.] to eat sth. too; to eat sth. as well; to eat sth. along with the rest (of sth.)

Kann man die Rinde vom Käse mitessen? Can you eat the cheese rind as well?; Can you eat the rind along with the cheese?

Normalerweise esse ich die Haut beim Brathuhn nicht mit. I don't usually eat the skin on my roast chicken.

mit jdm. mitessen; mit jdm. gemeinsam essen (eine Mahlzeit gemeinsam einnehmen) {vi} to eat / have / share the meal with sb.

Apfelkern {m} [cook.] apple pip [Br.]; apple seed [Am.]

Apfelkerne {pl} apple pips; apple seeds

Apfelkerne kann man ohne weiteres mitessen. You can safely eat apple pips as well.; You can safely eat apple seeds along with the (rest of the) fruit.