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sich freuen {vr} to be glad; to be happy; to be pleased [listen]

sich freuend being glad; being happy; being pleased

gefreut been glad; been happy; been pleased

ich freue mich I am glad; I am happy; I am pleased

du freust dich you are glad; you are happy; you are pleased

er/sie freut sich he/she is glad; he/she is happy; he/she is pleased

wir freuen uns we are glad; we are happy; we are pleased

ich/er/sie freute mich/sich I/he/she was glad; I/he/she was happy; I/he/she was pleased

wir freuten uns we were glad; we were happy; we were pleased

er/sie hat/hatte sich gefreut he/she has/had been glad; he/she has/had been happy; he/she has/had been pleased

sich über etw. freuen to be pleased with sth.

sich für jdn. freuen to be pleased for sb.; to be glad for sb.'s sake

Ich freue mich, Ihnen ... bekannt zu geben. I'm pleased to announce ...

Freut mich, Sie wiederzusehen! I'm glad to see you again.

Freut mich, dass dich das (so) erheitert! Glad you find it so amusing!