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20 results for fossile
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fossile Lebensspuren {pl}; Spurenfossilien {pl}; Ichnofossilien {pl}; Ichnia {pl} [geol.] trace fossils; ichnofossils

fossile Überreste {pl} von Tieren exuviae

(fossile) Ausgleichsspuren {pl}; Equilibrichnia {pl} [biol.] (fossil) equilibrium traces; (spatial) adjustment traces; equilibrichnia

(fossile) Bautenspuren {pl}; Aedificichnia {pl} [biol.] (fossil) above-ground traces; fossil traces of above-ground structures; aedificichnia

(fossile) Brutspuren {pl}; Calichnia {pl} [biol.] (fossil) nesting traces; breeding traces; brooding traces; calichnia

(fossile) Fallen und Kultivierungsspuren {pl}; Agrichnia {pl} [biol.] (fossil) traps and gardening traces; agrichnia

(fossile) Fluchtspuren {pl}; Fugichnia {pl} [biol.] (fossil) escape traces; fugichnia

(fossile) Fressspuren {pl}; Spuren {pl} von Sedimentfressern; Fodinichnia {pl} [biol.] (fossil) deposit-feeding tracing; sediment-mining traces; fodinichnia

(fossile) Jagdspuren {pl}; Raubspuren {pl}; Fraßspuren {pl}; Praedichnia {pl} [biol.] (fossil) predation traces; praedichnia

(fossile) Kriech- und Schreitspuren {pl}; Fährtenspuren {pl}; Repichnia {pl} [biol.] (fossil) locomotion traces; locomotory traces; crawling and walking traces; fossil trackways; repichnia

(fossile) Kriechspuren {pl}; Bewegungsspuren {pl}; Repichnia {pl} [biol.] (fossil) crawling traces; repichnia

(fossile) Kultivierungsspuren {pl}; Agrichnia {pl} [biol.] (fossil) farming traces; gardening traces; agrichnia

(fossile) Ruhespuren {pl}; Cubichnia {pl} [biol.] (fossil) resting traces; cubichnia

(fossile) Verankerungsspuren {pl}; Fixichnia {pl} [biol.] (fossil) anchoring traces; fixation traces; fixichnia

(fossile) Weidespuren {pl}; Pascichnia {pl} (Spurenfossil) [biol.] (fossil) grazing traces; pascichnia (trace fossil)

(fossile) Wohnspuren {pl}; Domichnia {pl} [biol.] (fossil) dwelling traces; domichnia

Wurzelboden {m} (fossile Bodenschicht unmittelbar unter dem Flöz) [geol.] [min.] seat earth; underclay; rootled bed; stigmarian bed; root clay (in the floor of a seam); cauldron bottom (in the roof of a seam)

Pflanze {f} [bot.] [listen] plant [listen]

Pflanzen {pl} plants [listen]

Balkonpflanze {f} balcony plant

Gewürzpflanze {f} spice plant

Grünpflanze {f}; Blattpflanze {f} leafy plant

Heckenpflanze {f} hedge plant; hedging plant

Hochgebirgspflanze {f}; alpine Pflanze; Alpenpflanze {f} alpine plant

Kurztagspflanze {f}; Kurztagpflanze {f} short-day plant

Langtagspflanze {f}; Langtagpflanze {f} long-day plant

Tagneutralpflanze {f} day-neutral plant

Nutzpflanze {f}; Wirtschaftspflanze {f} [selten] economic plant; useful plant; crop plant

Weltwirtschaftspflanze {f} globally important plant

fleischfressende Pflanze carnivorous plant; carnivore

mehrjährige Pflanze; perennierende Pflanze; winterharte Pflanze perennial plant; perennual

zweijährige Pflanze; bienne Pflanze biennial plant; biennial

einkeimblättrige Pflanze monocot; monocotyledon; liliopsid

zweikeimblättrige Pflanze dicot; dicotyledon; magnoliopsid

amphibische Pflanze amphiphyte

Eiweißpflanze {f}; Proteinpflanze {f} [agr.] protein plan

farnähnlich Pflanze fernlike plant

feuchtigkeitsliebende Pflanze; Feuchtigkeitspflanze {f} hygrophytic plant; hygrophyte

fossile Pflanze fossil plant; eophyte

kalkfliehende Pflanze calcifuge

kalkliebende Pflanze calcicole

krautige Pflanze herbaceous plant

torfbildende Pflanze peat formation plant

versteinerte Pflanze lithified plant; petrified plant

dekorative Pflanze architectural plant

wurzelechte Pflanze [agr.] own-root plant

Pflanze ohne Wurzelballen; wurzelnackte Pflanze bare-rooted plant; bare-root plant; bare-rooted stock

aus Samen gezogene Pflanze [agr.] seed-propagated plant

Versteinerung {f}; Fossilie {f}; Fossil {n} [biol.] fossil; petrifact; petrefact [listen]

Versteinerungen {pl}; Fossilien {pl} fossils; petrifacts; petrefacts

Faziesfossil {n} facies fossil

Körperfossil {n} body fossil

Leitfossil {n} leading fossil; dominant fossil; type fossil; guide fossil; index fossil; key fossil

Scheinfossil {n}; Pseudofossil {n} pseudofossil

Spurenfossil {n}; fossile Spur {f} trace fossil; fossil trace

Peneplain {f}; Rumpffläche {f}; Fastebene {f} [geol.] peneplain; old plain

fossile Peneplain fossil erosion surface
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