Dictionary - TU Chemnitz

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etw. entschärfen {vt} (Sprengkörper) [mil.] to defuse sth.; to disarm sth.; to render sth. safe (explosive device); to deactivate sth. (ammunition)

entschärfend defusing; disarming; rendering safe; deactivating

entschärft defused; disarmed; rendered safe; deactivated

eine Mine entschärfen to disarm a mine

etw. entschärfen; etw. entspannen {vt} (Situation etc.) to defuse; to ease sth.; to take some of the tension out of sth. (situation etc.)

entschärfend; entspannend defusing; easing; taking some of the tension out of

entschärft; entspannt [listen] defused; eased; taken some of the tension out of

Kritik entschärfen to disarm criticism

einen Kritiker verstummen lassen to disarm a critic

etw. entschärfen; etw. abschwächen {vt} (Kritik; Wortwahl etc.) to soften; to tone down; to water down sth. (criticism; word choice etc.)

entschärfend; abschwächend softening; toning down; watering down

entschärft; abgeschwächt softened; toned down; watered down