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Spannungszustand {m} (ebener) stress condition; state of stress

'Zu ebener Erde und erster Stock' (von Nestroy / Werktitel) [lit.] 'Ups and Downs' (by Nestroy / work title)

Bruch {m} [geol.] [listen] fracture; rupture; failure; fall; fault; disturbance [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen]

blättriger Bruch lamellar fracture

ebener Bruch even fracture

faseriger Bruch fibrous fracture

frischer Bruch fresh cleavage

muscheliger Bruch conchoidal fracture; flinty fracture; shell-like fracture

nadelförmiger Bruch acicular fracture

unebener Bruch uneven fracture

wiederbelebter Bruch recurrent faulting; revived faulting

Funktionsgraph {m}; Graph {m} [math.] graph of a function; graph [listen]

Funktionsgraphen {pl}; Graphen {pl} graphs of a function; graphs

ebener Graph; planarer Graph planar graph

gerichteter, azyklischer Graph directed acyclic graph (dag)

säulenförmiger Graph columnar graph

Zustandsgraph {m} state graph

Quaderstein {m}; Quader {m} [constr.] ashlar; ashlar block; ashlar rock; square-hewn stone; hewn stone; squared stone

Quadersteine {pl}; Quader {pl} ashlars; ashlar blocks; ashlar rocks; square-hewn stones; hewn stones; squared stones

ebener Quaderstein plain ashlar

gespitzter Quaderstein pointed ashlar

großer behauener Quaderstein block-in-course

bearbeiteter Quaderstein tooled ashlar

fertig bearbeiteter Quaderstein smooth ashlar

Natursteinwerkstück {n} cut ashlar

Schaber {m}; Kratzer {m} [listen] scratcher; scraper

Schaber {pl}; Kratzer {pl} [listen] scratchers; scrapers

Küchenschaber {m} [cook.] kitchen scraper

Teigschaber {m} [cook.] dough scraper

Schaber mit ebener Fläche plain scraper

Streckenabschnitt {m}; Teilstrecke {f} (Bahn) route section; line section [Br.]; track section [Am.]; section of line [Br.]/track [Am.]; stretch of line [Br.]/track [Am.]; portion of line [Br.]/track [Am.]; piece of line [Br.]/track [Am.] (railway)

ebener Streckenabschnitt; Streckenabschnitt in der Horizontalen level section of line/track; level line [Br.]; level track [Am.]

maßgebende Neigung eines Streckenabschnitts characteristic gradient of a route section; ruling down-gradient

Streckenabschnitt auf dem Gebiet einer fremden Bahn; Eindringungsstrecke {f} penetrating section

Winkel {m} [math.] [listen] angle [listen]

Winkel {pl} [listen] angles [listen]

ausspringender Winkel salient angle

ebener Winkel plane angle

eingeschlossener Winkel included angle

einspringender Winkel reentrant angle; re-entrant angle

flacher Winkel shallow angle; flat angle; low angle

gestreckter Winkel straight angle

optischer Winkel optical angle; visual angle

rechter Winkel; 90° Winkel right angle

Richtungswinkel {m} direction angle

schiefer Winkel oblique angle

spitzer Winkel acute angle

stumpfer Winkel obtuse angle

überstumpfer Winkel reflex angle

Winkel zur Achse off-axis angle

in einem Winkel von 30 Grad at an angle of 30 degrees
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