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etw. (Kante an Kante) aneinanderfügen; aneinanderstoßen {vt} to butt sth.; to set sth. end-to-end

aneinanderfügend; aneinanderstoßend butting; setting end-to-end

aneinandergefügt; aneinandergestoßen butted; set end-to-end

aneinandergrenzen; aneinanderstoßen {vi} to adjoin; to touch; to meet [listen] [listen]

aneinandergrenzend; aneinanderstoßend adjoining; touching; meeting [listen] [listen]

aneinandergegrenzt; aneinandergestoßen adjoined; touched; met [listen] [listen]

(im Gedränge) aneinanderstoßen {vi} to jostle against each other

aneinanderstoßend jostling

aneinandergestoßen jostled