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Vertragsrecht {n} [jur.] law of contract; contract law

Erfüllungsort {m}; Leistungsort {m} (Vertragsrecht) [jur.] place of performance (law of contract)

Schuldersetzung {f}; Novation {f} (Vertragsrecht) [jur.] novation (contract law)

Annahmeverweigerung {f}; Nichtannahme {f} (Vertragsrecht) [jur.] refusal to accept; refusal to take delivery; non-acceptance (law of contract)

Annahmeverweigerung eines Wechsels dishonour of a bill by non-acceptance

bei Annahmeverweigerung; bei Nichtannahme in case of non-acceptance

Annahmeverzug {m}; Mora accipiendi {f} (Vertragsrecht) [jur.] default of acceptance; default in acceptance; default in taking delivery; failure to accept delivery (law of contract)

in Annahmeverzug sein; sich in Annahmeverzug befinden to be in default of acceptance; to have failed to take/accept delivery (when offered by the seller)