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Ratenzahlung {f}; Zahlung {f} in Raten; Teilzahlung {f} [fin.] payment by instalments [Br.]; instalment payment [Br.]; payment by installments [Am.]; installment payment [Am.]; deferred payment [Am.]; payment on deferred terms [Am.]; time payment [Am.]

Ratenzahlungen {pl}; Zahlungen {pl} in Raten; Teilzahlungen {pl} payments by instalments; instalment payments; payments by installments; installment payments; deferred payments; payments on deferred terms; time payments

erste Ratenzahlung first instalment [Br.] / installment [Am.] payment

Abschlagszahlung {f}; erste Teilzahlung {f} [fin.] first part payment; first partial payment

etw. auf Raten kaufen; etw. auf Teilzahlung kaufen {vt} to buy sth. on hire purchase [Br.] /H.P./; to buy sth. on the installment plan/system [Am.] / on a deferred payment plan [Am.] / on a deferred payment basis [Am.] / on a time payment plan [Am.] / on deferred terms [Am.]

Tilgungsrate {f} (Teilzahlung) [fin.] redemption instalment [Br.]; amortisation instalment [Br.]; redemption installment [Am.]; amortization installment [Am.]