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Schwimmstil {m} (Technik) swimming stroke

Schwimmstile {pl} swimming strokes

Schwimmstil {m} (einer bestimmten Person) swimming style (of a particular person)

Schwimmstile {pl} swimming styles

Delfin {m}; Delphin {m}; Delfinschwimmen {n}; Delfinstil {m}; Schmetterling {m}; Schmetterlingstil {m} (Schwimmstil) [sport] [listen] butterfly; butterfly stroke [listen]

Hundepaddeln {n} (Schwimmstil) dog paddle; doggy paddle (swimming style)

Brust {f}; Brustschwimmen {n}; Bruststil {m} (Schwimmstil) [sport] [listen] breaststroke

im Bruststil schwimmen; brustschwimmen to swim/do the breaststroke

100 Meter Brust 100 metres breaststroke

Kraulen {n}; Kraulschwimmen {n}; Kraulstil {m} (Schwimmstil) [sport] crawl [listen]

beim Kraulschwimmen when swimming the crawl

Rückenschwimmen {n} (Schwimmstil) [sport] backstroke

im Rückenstil schwimmen; rückenschwimmen to swim/do the backstroke

kraulen {vi} (Schwimmstil) [sport] to do the crawl; to swim the crawl

kraulend doing the crawl; swimming the crawl

gekrault done the crawl; swum the crawl