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Schmetterling {m} [zool.] butterfly [listen]

Schmetterlinge {pl} butterflies

Schmetterlinge im Bauch haben [übtr.] (verliebt sein) to have soft prickles in your stomach [fig.] (being in love)

Delfin {m}; Delphin {m}; Delfinschwimmen {n}; Delfinstil {m}; Schmetterling {m}; Schmetterlingstil {m} (Schwimmstil) [sport] [listen] butterfly; butterfly stroke [listen]

Großes Ochsenauge {n} (Schmetterling) [zool.] meadow brown (butterfly)

Pfauenauge {n} (Schmetterling) [zool.] peacock butterfly

Pfauenaugen {pl} peacock butterflys

flattern {vi} [zool.] to flit

flatternd flitting

geflattert flitted

flattert flits

flatterte flitted

Der Schmetterling flatterte von Blüte zu Blüte. The butterfly flitted from flower to flower.