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44 results for Schlaginstrument
Word division: Schlag·in·stru·ment
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Schlaginstrument {n} [mus.] percussion instrument

Schlaginstrumente {pl} percussion instruments

Boomwhacker-Schlaginstrument {n}; Boomwhackers {pl} (gestimmte Plastikröhren) [mus.] boomwhackers (tuned percussion tubes)

Brettchenklapper {f} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) bones [listen]

Chocolo {n}; Tubo {m} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) chocolo; chocalho

Conga {f} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) conga

Cowbell {n}; Campana {f}; Cencerro {n} (Schlaginstrument) [mus.] cowbell (percussion instrument)

Cuica {f} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) cuica

Fingercymbeln {pl}; Crotales {pl} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) finger-cymbals; crotales

Glasharmonika {f} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) glass harmonica

Klanghölzer {pl}; Klangstäbe {pl}; Rumbastäbe {pl}; Schlagstäbe {pl} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) claves

Klappholz {n}; Peitsche {f} (Schlaginstrument) [mus.] [listen] slapstick; whip (percussion instrument) [listen]

Kürbisrassel {f}; Guiro {m} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) scraper; guiro

Kürbisrassel {f}; Rumbakugeln {pl} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) maracas

Metallblock {m} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) metal block

Metallkastagnetten {pl} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) metal castanets

Metallophon {n} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) metalophone

Nacara; sarazenische Handpauke {f} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) nakers

Nietenbecken {pl} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) rivet cymbals; sizzle cymbals

Schwirrholz {n} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) thunder stick; bull roarer

Stielkastagnetten {pl} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) handle castanets

Tam-tam {n} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) tam-tam

Tanzkastagnetten {pl} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) hand castanets

Tempelblock {m}; Holzblock {m} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) temple block; Chinese block; wood block

Becken {n}; Tschinelle {f} [Bayr.] [Ös.] [Schw.] [ugs.] (Schlaginstrument) [mus.] [listen] cymbal

Becken {pl}; Tschinellen {pl} [listen] cymbals

chinesische Becken {pl} Chinese cymbals

türkische Becken {pl} Turkish cymbals

hängendes Becken suspended cymbal

Charleston-Becken {n} charleston cymbal

das Becken abdämpfen to choke the cymbal

das Becken streichen to bow the cymbal

Charlestonmaschine {f} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) hi-hat pedal

Charlestonmaschinen {pl} hi-hat pedals

Glocke {f} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) [listen] bell [listen]

Glocken {pl} bells

dorische Glocken Dorian bells

Handglocke {f} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) handbell

Handglocken {pl} handbells

Holztrommel {f} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) wood drum

Holztrommeln {pl} wood drums

Klaviaturxylophon {n} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) keyed xylophone

Klaviaturxylophone {pl} keyed xylophones

Kürbisrassel {f}; Cabasa {f}; Cabaza {f} (Schlaginstrument) [mus.] cabasa (percussion instrument)

Kürbisrasseln {pl}; Cabasas {pl}; Cabazas {pl} cabasas

Marimba {f}; Marimbafon {n}; Marimbaphon {n} (Schlaginstrument) [mus.] marimba (percussion instrument)

Marimben {pl}; Marimbafone {pl}; Marimbaphone {pl} marimbas

Maschinenpauke {f} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) machine drum

Maschinenpauken {pl} machine drums

Pedalpauke {f} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) pedal drum

Pedalpauken {pl} pedal drums

Rahmentrommel {f}; Handtrommel {f} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) frame drum

Rahmentrommeln {pl}; Handtrommeln {pl} frame drums

Raspel {f} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) raspe; scraper

Raspeln {pl} raspes; scrapers

Reibbrett {n} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) friction board

Reibbretter {pl} friction boards

Reibtrommel {f}; Brummtopf {m} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) friction drum; string drum

Reibtrommeln {pl}; Brummtöpfe {pl} friction drums; string drums

Rührtrommel {f}; Wirbeltrommel {f}; Rolltrommel {f}; Tenortrommel {f} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) tenor drum

Rührtrommeln {pl}; Wirbeltrommeln {pl}; Rolltrommeln {pl}; Tenortrommeln {pl} tenor drums

Schellenbaum {m} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) bell tree

Schellenbäume {pl} bell trees

Schlitztrommel {f} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) slit drum

Schlitztrommeln {pl} slit drums

Steeldrum {n} (Schlaginstrument aus einem metallenen Ölfass) [mus.] steel drum (percussion instrument made from a metal oil container)

Steeldrums {pl} steel drums

Tomtom {n}; Tom-tom {n} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) tomtom; tom-tom

Stand-Tom {n} floor tom

Trommel {f} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) [listen] drum [listen]

Trommeln {pl} drums [listen]

Große Trommel {f}; Basstrommel {f} big drum; bass drum

Kleine Trommel {f}; Militärtrommel {f} snare drum; sidedrum

Provenzalische Trommel {f} tabor

Tischtrommel {f} table drum

die Trommel schlagen; trommeln to beat the drum

die Trommel rühren (für etw.) to beat the big drum (for sth.)

Xylomarimba {n} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument) xylomarimba

Xylomarimbas {pl} xylomarimbas
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