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Dienstbezirk {m}; Polizeirevier {n}; Revier {n}; Rayon {m} [Ís.] [Schw.] [adm.] police district; policing district; district; precinct [Am.] [listen] [listen]

Dienstbezirke {pl}; Polizeireviere {pl}; Reviere {pl}; Rayone {pl} police districts; policing districts; districts; precincts

Kohlerevier {n}; Kohlenrevier {n}; Revier {n} [min.] coal-mining region; coal-mining district; coal district

Kohlereviere {pl}; Kohlenreviere {pl}; Reviere {pl} coal-mining regions; coal-mining districts; coal districts

Polizeidienststelle {f} [adm.]; Polizeiwache {f} [Dt.]; Wache {f} [Dt.]; Polizeirevier {n} [Dt.]; Revier {n} [Dt.]; Polizeiinspektion {f} [Dt.] [Ís.] [adm.]; Polizeiposten {m} [Dt.] [Schw.]; Posten {m} [Ís.] [Schw.]; Wachstube {f} [Dt.] [Ís.]; Wachzimmer {n} [Ís.]; Polizeistation {f} [listen] police station; Garda station [Ir.]; police precinct [Am.]; station house [Am.]

Polizeidienststellen {pl}; Polizeiwachen {pl}; Wachen {pl}; Polizeireviere {pl}; Reviere {pl}; Polizeiinspektionen {pl}; Polizeiposten {pl}; Posten {pl}; Wachstuben {pl}; Wachzimmer {pl}; Polizeistationen {pl} [listen] police stations; Garda stations; police precincts; station houses

mobile Polizeiwache {f} mobile police station

auf dem Revier; auf der Wache; auf dem Posten at the police station; in the nick [Br.] [coll.]

Revier {n} (eines Tieres) [zool.] territory (of an animal)

Reviere {pl} territories

Brutrevier {n} breeding territory